American Apparel Is Starting An Educational Blog

Since the exit of its CEO Dov Charney, American Apparel has been making strides, in what some believe is the right direction. Paula Schneider replaced Charney in January 2015, and now plans on launching an American Apparel educational blog for the Made In America brand. This, of course, will come as a big shift from the risqué and sometimes controversial advertisements that usually causes the company to come under fire.

According to Racked, the blog is slated to launch this summer and will focus on issues surrounding bullying and LGTBQ rights. While in the past (even while under Charney's watch) American Apparel has brought on people who are part of the LGTBQ community — such as Brendan Jordan and featured Isis King as its first transgendered model — the company has unfortunately had a long history of controversy that Schneider is hoping she can remedy. Although the blog will retain the true American Apparel voice, it doesn't mean that they can't focus on serious matters, as well.

Additionally, in an interview with Bizwoman, where news of the upcoming blog was first released, Schneider says the blog will have less shock value than all of those AA advertisements, which hit us everywhere from the Internet to the bus stop. The new CEO told the website that the L.A.-based brand is a "company that does the right thing," and has plans of turning the wheels around and heading into more "enlightening" horizons.

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American Apparel has become as conflicting for shoppers as it must be for its employees. Offering cool and trendy products, but featuring them on sexualized and manipulated bodies has been the thin line of love it or hate it that the brand has teetered on. Only time will tell how Schneider plans on tying up the loose ends of the brand and what direction she is heading in next. For now at least, we can hope these are the type of topics that will be featured on American Apparel's blog.

1. Body Inclusivity

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Sure, American Apparel might be known for only including thin models in its advertising and product photos, but this new blog might be just the place to talk about inclusion of all bodies.

2. Transitioning to Transgender


Making a life-altering decision is no easy task. Since AA has already been inclusive of hiring transgender models, maybe narratives of people transitioning can offer support to some of the company's customers.

3. Healthy Relationships

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Love is certainly a beautiful thing and there are several ways of expressing it to our significant others. AA could feature a series of couples from varying backgrounds and how they express their care for their partners.

4. Fair And Equal Racial Representation


With racial diversity being such a hot-button topic in the fashion industry, this is a discussion that AA can contribute to, and even offer insight on how they plan to achieve and better racial diversity in their company.

5. Women's Rights and Feminism


Feminism is on the tips of everyone's tongues, and with American Apparel's history of controversy concerning women, especially, it will be interesting to read the brand's thoughts on topics of women's rights and feminism.

6. Workers' Rights

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In addition to women's rights, another issue is workers rights concerning wages, time on the job and more issues surrounding this topic. American Apparel could take time telling the stories of some of its factory workers.

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