Is It Time To Let '90s Nostalgia Die?

There's no denying that the internet has made remembering the 90's practically a full-time gig--but have we gone too far with looking back on how great pogs and Dunkaroos were? The folks at college humor think so, which is why they created the "Remember When Nostalgia Was Good?" video, and I have to say, they've got a point. It was cool when we participated in the occasional Throwback Thursday, but now everybody posts a #tbt all the time, and we also have Flashback Friday, which is literally the exact same thing with a different name. Honestly, what's even the point? Isn't having two nostalgia-themed days of the week--one right after the other, no less--doing too much? Just, why?

Edit: My roommate informed me that Flashback Friday is for when you forget about Throwback Thursday but still want to post a nostalgic picture. My original rant still stands.

I agree that we should cool it with the 90's nostalgia, because talking about the 90's all the time kind of takes away from the magic of it. I remember my favorite day of math class was when we stopped doing math (obviously) and talked about how great 90's cartoons were--shouts out to Ms. Kurlander's class. Hey Arnold, Cat Dog, As Told By Ginger, man, that was the life. And there we go, I'm nostalgic again. Darn it! But that's the thing--what made that day so great was that only happened one time, not every single week or every time you log online.

So watch the video below, and indulge in a little 90's nostalgia one last time, because after this we should all cool it for a while. Sound good?

Image: Ben Houdijk / Flickr