Redditors Share What Happened To Their Bullies

Bullying sucks, and unfortunately most people will experience it at some point in their reports that 77 per cent of kids have been the victim of some type of bullying. When you're a kid who's being bullied, it's hard to believe all the things adults will say to you to make you feel better--like that bullies only lash out at others because they feel bad about themselves, or that what goes around comes around and karma will catch up with them eventually. I think we all know that the first of those statements is definitely true on some level, and personally I like to believe that if you're a jerk to other people, it will come around and bite you in the butt later on. Which is why I especially took pleasure in reading Redditors talk about where their bully is now. Who doesn't love a good revenge tale?

Just a heads up, I tried to keep things fairly lighthearted over here, but some of these answers are pretty dark. Reddit on Saturday morning is a weird place, I guess. Or maybe when you take people who are dealing with demons and don't have a great coping strategy for handling with their problems effectively (as evidenced by the fact that they bully others), and let those things age with time, you get some pretty bad results. I'll continue to theorize why so many of the answers in the full thread involve jail and drugs, while you read my favorite responses.

1. Let's just get the murder-y one out of the way.

Jesus, where were the adults when all this was going on? Teasing is one thing, but following someone home and beating them up and nobody stopped it? Also, now you see what I mean about the thread being kinda dark.

2. Aw, a sweet ending.

That's awesome! As one commenter put it, "It shows that your bully was just a good guy who wanted some cheap fame."

3. Best. Revenge. Ever.

Oh man, that is genius in so many ways. I love it.

4. Dark response alert!

Yeesh, that is some pretty serious stuff. I kind of feel bad for Gavin, whoever he is.

5. Proof that karma exists.

Success is the best kind of karma there is!

6. O.O

No words, just O.O

7. A bully who apologized, and an awesome life motto.

Oh my god, "an eighteen-wheeler trailer truck full of all the fucks I don't give" is going into my vernacular. Except for the fact that I own a Corolla and that would be able to fit a lot fewer fucks. Whatever, I'm using it anyway.

8. Sucks to suck!

It would have been even better if people had "liked" the post that said she wasn't coming.

9. Tbh this is the best attitude to have.

As another Redditor said, "it was more than 1/4 CENTURY AGO" and staying mad that long is not healthy.

10. Thread over, this is the best response, period.

Images: Lee Morley / Flickr; Reddit