Politicians Pledge To Support Nepal

Early Saturday morning, a massive earthquake slammed Nepal, triggering avalanches and killing at least an estimated 1,000 people. A state of emergency has been declared, and the international community has rushed to provide aid to the region; the aftereffects and damage have, so far, spread to at least four countries. The capital of Nepal, the city of Kathmandu, has been hit particularly hard by the estimated 7.8 degree quake, with landmarks like Darbar Square left almost utterly reduced to rubble. Nepal is vulnerable to earthquakes generally, and is no stranger to them — but this particularly potent quake has been cataclysmic to the region and those around it. (Update: The death toll has now risen to over 3,800, and more than 6,000 people are thought to be injured.)

Chilling footage from the Kathmandu area shows lines of dead bodies outside a local hospital, CNN reports, and other hospitals have been overwhelmed by the hundreds of injured, The Telegraph reports. Politicians from across the globe have publicly shared in the country's sorrow, offering their support and pledging to provide aid to the devastated country wherever possible. Lunchtime Saturday, Hillary Clinton Tweeted: "My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nepal. –H."

Other politicians, both inside and outside of the United States, from Andrew Cuomo to took to Twitter to express their devastation about Saturday morning's earthquake.