Bethany Mota Rocks A Sparkly White Gown At WHCD

Whether she's on my computer screen or on the red carpet, I'm completely stunned whenever I see Bethany Mota, and tonight is no different. Bethany Mota attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner dressed in a sparkly, off-white gown, showing us one of her best looks yet. I knew she was going to look fabulous, because obviously, 8 million fans (including myself) wouldn't be following her on YouTube if she didn't have an amazing taste in fashion.

Compared to her bright mod outfit at the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards, or her babydoll black dress at the MTV Movie Awards, tonight's look was definitely different (but obviously because it's the White House, guys!). Still, she managed to stay true to her sense of style. In a long flowing, hip-hugging gown, the Internet superstar went for a very mature look but still remained to look young and fresh-faced. And that deep v-neck plunge? A little more daring than we'd normally see on her, but I think we can agree that she can definitely work it! Mota was literally glowing. Oh, and can we get a how-to-video for her hairstyle on YouTube? Or maybe a DIY video on those earrings? Because those earrings are too perfect.

If you're wondering how Mota scored an invite to tonight's big event, let me remind you of her international presence. Mota has continued to be a true inspiration on a worldwide scale. She has established herself as more than just a YouTube vlogger — she is also a fashion designer, TV star, and role model for young, aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

Ariana Huffington recently said, "There’s a new power center. People whose names you might not have heard of have tremendous power — and we want to know them.” And who better to invite than 19-year old Mota whose subscriber base competes, if not beats, any other A-lister in Hollywood. She is hands-down fabulous. I can't wait to see her journey grow, and of course, see what outfits she puts together along the way.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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