11 Bra Tops You Can Actually Wear Instead Of A Classic Tee This Summer

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So, Kim K’s been known to fashion a bra as a top a time or two — like that one time in Paris, and even in a ball gown (is it just me or did the top of that Time Gala dress look bra-like?) — and honestly, it’s not a bad idea. Especially for your summer attire. So, let's peek some of the best bras to wear as tops during the summer now, because your midsection’s been cooped up inside baggy sweaters way too long!

Bras are great to pair with both high-waisted bottoms or low-rise options — it all just depends on how much midriff you’re willing to flaunt. My motto during the summertime: Don’t be afraid to let that bellybutton show! Even infamous navel hider Taylor Swift seems to be on board lately.

Whether you choose a super delicate and lacey option or a heavier knit or crotchet, bras really should be your go-to option for tops. I personally like the ones that don’t necessarily scream “lingerie,” but look more like a fancy crop top, instead. You’ll see what I mean by scrolling through the slideshow.

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