The Jonas Brothers Would Like To Remind You They Are Broken Up

The Jonas Brothers would like everyone to know (again) that the band is officially parting ways... musically, that is. According to their interview on Good Morning America, the band of brothers have indeed decided to, well, break up the band. The reason? According to youngest brother, Nick Jonas, the band simply had different ideas about their new music and the direction that band was going in. (That explains the "deep rift" their spokesperson previously referred to.)

The differences, apparently, were too severe for the brothers to continue their planned tour. Not only will the JoBros not go through with the tour, but they also won't finish their next album, which already boasted two complete tracks. But if you were saving up money for Jonas Brother tickets, fear not: As a gift to fans, the brothers will record a live version of four unreleased tracks and a 10-song live album from their summer tour.

So what's next from the Jonas Brothers, if they won't perform together? The musicians, who insist that they will support one another in whatever path they take, will focus on individual ventures like acting, writing music, and, for Kevin Jonas, fatherhood. (His wife, Danielle Jonas, who stars alongside him on Married to Jonas, is pregnant). As always, for the Jonas Brothers, it's bros before... band.

Of course, just because the JoBros may not be the JoBros in a legal sense, it doesn't mean that the trio is totally broken up. After all, a joint GMA appearance doesn't exactly scream independence. Plus, if Married to Jonas gets that Season 3, we can only imagine the antics that will ensue as Nick and Joe attempt to babysit their new niece or nephew. While they may not be in perfect harmony, there's no chance that these brothers will ever really cut the cord.

Watch their GMA appearance below:


—Written by Kaitlin Reilly