20 Cheap Mother's Day Gifts For Under $20 That Will Make Your Mom Feel Like A Queen

OK, we’re not that far out from May 10, the day we nationally celebrate the Queen Bee in each of our lives (no, not Beyoncé — our moms, dummy!), and if you’re like me, not only have you not purchased any Mother’s Day gifts yet, but you also don’t have a lot of money… ruh-roh! But don’t panic, it’s going to be fine because I’ve done the hard part for you. With this guide to 20 gifts for under $20 that your mama is sure to love, all you have to do is choose. And if your mom prefers a good joke over sickly sentimentality, check out these hilarious (and affordable) Mother’s Days gifts, as well.

Now carpe de Internet shopping!

Image: Etsy

3 Robin's Egg Soaps In Footed Porcelain Dish

3 Robin’s Egg Soaps in Footed Porcelain Dish, $15, Cherry Moon Farms

So classy and unique, your mom won’t even know you’re broke.

Alexa Starr Teardrop Shaky Necklace

Alexa Starr Teardrop Shaky Necklace, $17, Overstock

Your mom gave you life, so at least get her something gorgeous to put around her neck this Mother’s Day.

Mom's Book Of Crosswords: 100 Novelty Crossword Puzzles

Mom’s Book Of Crosswords, $7, Amazon

Give your mom some fun mental agility exercises to go with her morning coffee.

Mama Bear V-Neck Shirt

Mama Bear V-Neck Shirt, $14, Etsy

With this gift, your mom will wear her heart around her torso… and look super cute doing it!

Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 305 Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Wild Bird Feeder, $9, Amazon

Because nothing makes your mama smile like birds out the back window.

Wine Jelly Set

Wine Jelly Set, $14, Uncommon Goods

Wine + Jelly = Your Mother’s New Favorite Child

Mother Daughter Me: A Memoir

Mother Daughter Me: A Memoir, $13, Amazon

This gift idea is straight from my personal vault: After reading a New York Times interview in which Katie Hafner’s writing in this book is likened to Cheryl Strayed’s in Wild, I got this for my mom for Mother’s Day last year and she loved it.

Mom's Coffee Stamped Spoon

Mom’s Coffee Stamped Spoon, $16, Etsy

Why not give your mom a smile with her morning coffee?

Bird Catchall

Bird Catchall, $14, Pottery Barn

Not to be obsessed with birds or anything, but only $14 plus free shipping?!!? What is this, some kind of avian paradise? Whether she shares my bird fetish or not, your mom will love this bright, whimsical catchall.

Silver Luxuries Silver-Plated Marcasite Heart Pendant

Silver Luxuries Silver-Plated Marcasite Heart Pendant, $18, Kohl’s

Give your mom a little piece of your heart this Mother’s Day.

Ghirardelli Latte Mug

Ghirardelli Latte Mug, $25, Alder Creek Gifts

This Ghirardelli gift set will make your mom all gooey on the inside.

Tricycle Flower Pot

Tricycle Flower Pot, $15, Kohl’s

Peddle onto your mom’s soft spot — just like when you were three — with this old-fashioned tricycle planter.

Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers Book

Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers Book, $20, Uncommon Goods

Is your mom the family fountain of useless information? Help her brush up on odd facts with this book of tidbits about historical and pop culture royalty.

Chain Linked Sunglasses

Chain Linked Sunglasses, $12, Avon

Give your mom the gift of doing a killer Jackie O impression.

Libbey Drinking Jar Glass Set

Libbey 4-pc. Drinking Jar Glass Set, $13, Kohl’s

Your mom’s old canning jars are making a resurgence among hipster culture, so lean into your mom’s kitschy instincts, and she’ll actually be on trend for once in the last 20 years!

Floral Dream Ballet Slipper

Floral Dream Ballet Slipper, $8, Avon

You will know how truly luxurious this gift is if you remember the fact that she’s been wearing those same ratty slippers since before you moved out of the house.

SONOMA Life + Style Frog Watering Can

SONOMA Life + Style Frog Watering Can, $15, Kohl’s

This adorable frog watering can will keep your mom’s style fresh even when she’s just in the backyard exercising her green thumb.

Gold Pave Stone Link Bracelet

Gold Pave Stone Link Bracelet, $20, Target

Yes, your mom’s a queen, but you’re still on a teacher’s assistant’s salary. With this pave stone link bracelet, you can bling out her wrist without breaking the bank.

Novel Teas

Novel Teas, $13, Uncommon Goods

Combine your mom’s love for tea and old timey author quotes with this set of 25 literary teabags.

Where The Wild Things Are Tote Bag

Where The Wild Things Are Tote Bag, $18, Out of Print

Let your mom carry around the heart-swelling nostalgia of reading to you as a wee one. There’s also this Very Hungry Caterpillar tote is another great throwback option.