Girl Scout Cookies Are Delicious AND Life-Saving

While plenty of people have joked that they could live off Girl Scout cookies, two sisters from Oklahoma and Nebraska have actually lived the experience. After the siblings got stranded near Lake Superior in rural Michigan nearly two weeks ago, they managed to survive by eating only the delicious snacks.

According to the Associated Press, Leslie Roy and Lee Marie Wright had been visiting relatives in the area and had been planning to head further down south to see Tahquamenon Falls when their snow-crippled SUV got stuck in a remote part of the Upper Peninsula. With no cellphone service in the area, the sisters didn’t have a way of contacting help. They were forced to make due with the limited supplies they had: eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies purchased from relatives, and a bag of cheese puffs. Not exactly your standard nutritious meals, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it took a full 13 days for authorities to find them.

As they waited for help, the sisters slowly worked their way through the food and piled on layers of clothes in order to stay warm after their car eventually lost power. They also turned snow into drinking water to stay hydrated.

Finally, a police pilot noticed a reflection off the Ford Explorer and landed the helicopter on shore, bringing them to safety. The sisters were weak but have since undergone a medical examination and are thankfully now safe.

Wow… as if we needed any more reasons to love Girl Scout cookies! Now we know they’re not only delicious, but also potentially life-saving.

Image: Charles/Fotolia