7 Throwback Mother's Day Gifts You Gave As A Kid Versus What You Give Mom Now

Moms are the undervalued heroes of our modern world, and they deserve the very best Mother's Day gifts to honor all they've done (and will continue to do) for us. From the unwavering support after our hearts get broken for the first time, to dealing with career setbacks that feel like a punch to the gut — Mom has been there for it all. While they always put on a smile and warmly accept the gifts we give them each year, we can all agree that the presents we give Mom have significantly improved over time. Because after that first star you made from popsicle sticks and the family portrait you drew where your dog was taller than your dad, homemade gifts kind of lost their cuteness.

But since we're all responsible adults, well... aspiring responsible adults, we can finally get our moms the gifts they deserve, and will actually enjoy. Our budgets finally allow for gifts over $10, and even our breakfasts in bed have been given an upgrade. So this Mother's Day, let's continue with the trend of treating Mom to cool new goodies. Give her something she genuinely wants or needs. And until then, let's go back in time to see how our old Mother's Day gifts from when we were kids stack up to the awesome and impressive gifts we're able to give today as adults.

1. Artwork

As a kid, artwork was all original and created by you. I mean, why would she want anything made by another artist? You'd expect her to display each piece proudly on the fridge, or in her office at work, no matter how many fingers you put on her left hand in the drawing.

Now you can give her original artwork that she TRULY is proud to display. Or even if you create it yourself rather than buy it, it will still be a million times better than anything you created back then. And you'll probably get the number of fingers right.

2. Candles

Honestly, candles never go out of style. If you bought her Yankee Candles then, you probably buy them for her now. And she has loved every single one of them.

3. Beauty Products

As a kid, any beauty products that seemed good to you, you assumed Mom would like too. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker lip balm? Mom would love that, right? Right?!

Nowadays, you know her signature style and you buy her lipsticks, perfumes, and bath products she will actually use and enjoy.

4. Food

Mother's Day breakfast in bed consisted of whatever you could either make yourself (which was probably limited to toast), or whatever your dad would help you with (so maybe some fruit too).

As an adult, you know how to scramble some eggs, you know how to cook bacon in the microwave, and you are a master at sticking waffles in the toaster. And worst case scenario, you could just skip the trouble and take her out to a proper breakfast.

5. Flowers

As a kid, Mother's Day flowers were pulled from your mom's garden and shoved into a vase with the dirt and jagged stems still attached.

As a grownup, flowers come from an online florist, paid for WITH a coupon code, and arrives on Mom's doorstep on time.

6. Gift Cards

Any gift card you bought for mom as a kid was probably paid for with your allowance, which means they topped off at a $10 value.

Now, you can get mom a gift card for an amount that she can actually make use of. She might even have a little credit left over for a rainy day.

7. Clothes

Clothes from a child are always a bad idea. Children have no concept of what Mom will look good and feel good in, so if you did buy clothes for her, they probably didn't fit, and were way too neon for her to get on board with.

As an adult, you know her size, you know her preferred brands, and you know exactly what will make her feel her most beautiful. That's kind of the best part about being an adult — your mom becomes your friend, and you can finally return all the love and support she's been selflessly giving you all your life.

Images: Jessica Lucia/Flickr; Giphy (8)