6 Reasons You Should Date A Guy With A Tattoo

I think the more important question here is why not? If you're into a certain kind of masculinity, it only makes sense to date a guy with tats. At least once. It's basically science: hot guys with tattoos are boyfriend-material. Tattoos give you an inner glimpse of a guy’s inner state of mind. Forget spending time getting to know him. His entire psychology is on his arm. Or leg. Or neck. Besides that, it takes a certain kind of man to indulge in body art. He’s romantic, artistic, and passionate. He has (in the immortal words of Iggy Pop) a “lust for life”. Though tattoos used to be affiliated with rebellious reckless bad boys who spend their days riding Harleys and fighting the law, much has changed.

These days tattoos are as common as germs. Which means even if you’re not planning on running off and joining the circus, you could very well date a guy with a tattoo. Even if your tatted guy has a 9-5 job there’s no doubt that underneath it all, he’s still a bit of a bad ass. And if that doesn’t light a fire in your panties, I don’t know what will. Here are six reasons to date a guy with a tattoo.

1. They can handle pain

There's a certain allure to a guy who can tolerate a needle drilling ink into them for hours on an end. All in the name of art! A little pain is never going to scare him. He’s not going to start crying when he stubs his toe or accidentally cuts his thumb with a chainsaw (true story). This dude has no fear. Even if you're not into BDSM, that’s sexy.

2. He’s not afraid of commitment

Girl, you don't need another guy who can't commit to what to eat for dinner. When this guy makes a decision, he’s not backing down. After all he’s got permanent artwork on his body. I once saw a guy with a giant Jimmy Page tattoo on his back. Suffice it to say he was a Led Zeppelin fan for life.

3. He looks like a bad boy even if he’s not

He may have been the guy your parents forbade you to date in high school, but now you’re an adult and ladies you can date whomever the hell you want! But heck everyone has tattoos these days! Even grandpas! Which means even the most stable of guys can rock a tattoo and still hold a safe and secure job. Hell, I even met teachers and engineers with tats. You get the best of both worlds; a stable job and a sexy rugged bad boy look.

4. He’s mysterious

How did he decide to get that ink? Maybe he’ll tell you and maybe he won’t. I’ve seen everything from odes to dead parents, bands, to spiritual experiences. There’s something alluring about someone who wears their passion and their pain (literally) on their sleeves.

5. He has an interesting job

You can’t really work in finance with a full sleeve of tattoos. A guy who sports a lot of ink is likely in a more creative field; graphic design, television, the arts. Even if you eventually settle down with a more conventional guy, there’s no doubt you’ll always remember dating a guy who is a little left of center.

6. He’s romantic

I once dated a guy who had a character from his favorite novel tattooed on his arm. How hot is that? Not only were the tats sexy, they were intelligent too. Guys with ink are emotional and romantic. They’re willing to take more risks which can be a good thing when it comes to relationships. He’s not going to shy away when it comes to those pesky things like emotions. He’s going to jump in full force.

Images:; Giphy (3); Tattooed_Elvis shot by KeriPhotography / Instagram; Yobigboss / Tumblr