What 16 Former Disney Stars Were Up to In 2013

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Disney stars: They grow up so fast, don't they? While we may hear about Miley Cyrus' shenanigans on a near-daily basis, there is an entire group of former Disney kids whom we rarely hear about. Sure, it can be hard to try to top Cyrus' antics, but just because the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana is making headlines for her controversial behavior (not to mention wardrobe) doesn't mean that some of these other stars haven't had their time to shine (or stumble) in the past year.

In fact, these former Disney stars have been up to some big things, both in and out of the entertainment industry. Which former Disney star came out to fans via social media? Who is releasing a new album later this year? And which Disney princess just can't quit the Biebs? (Okay, that one was easy.) Whether you're nostalgic for That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, or all of those Disney Channel Original Movies, you may be surprised where the stars of your favorite shows and movies ended up. Click on through to see what former Disney kids had a big year... and which ones will be making a whole new set of resolutions for 2014.

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