The Official Ranking of Cher's 'Clueless' Outfits

I was a late-bloomer to Clueless. I was a little too young to watch when it first came out in '95, but once my roommates finally forced me to sit and watch the movie, I, like every girl, became enchanted by the wonder that was Cher's closet. Not only did it house every article of clothing I wish I had in junior high, but that wonderful, virtual screen helped her pick out the best outfits without her having to, you know, actually put on all of the clothes.

This may be the very definition of "first world problems," but for the next few days, I could not stop dreaming about that closet. Specifically how Cher always seemed to look put together, even when the world around her seemed to be falling apart. Sure her "daddy's" money and the revolving closet of dreams was a major help to her, but only a true fashionista could pull off a diamond choker necklace and perfectly windblown hair the same day she failed her drivers test... again.

Since her closet is one that every girl will dream about forever and ever, I've put together a ranking of Cher's best outfits. From her makeunder beauty look to the fingers just through the hair look, Cher pulled off school style like we dreamed we had. But could we really be as stylish as she was? As if...

10. The French Girl in America

Ok, but that hat + that plaid coat + those knee-high stockings + that Diet Coke with a straw + that curtsey. I have dreamed about recreating this moment IRL.

9. The Matching Cardigan and Blouse

Sure, this was her in-for-the-day look, but never should anyone ever match their cardigan and blouse again. Even if this is a fashion faux pas in 2015, it's important to note that my in-for-the-day look typically consists of yoga pants and oversized sweatshirts. So her style still has me beat there.

8. The Sheer Shirt

I have a confession: I used to own a sheer black shirt shirt just like this. But I was lacking the furry cuffs, so I didn't look nearly as awesome.

7. That Time She Wore An Easter Sunday Dress... On A Thursday

This dress belonged on a 5-year-old, but only Cher could make it work with white tights and a sophisticated black headband.

6. The Time She Accidentally Repeated the Same Look

Apparently Cher liked the look of accentuating her waist enough to wear the same type of dress — possibly in the same week.

5. Her Accessories. All Of Them.

To impress a guy at school, Cher wore just a plain white shirt. How on earth was this supposed to work? Take a look at those statement earrings, choker and long necklace. Not to mention the shiny pink lipstick. Now I get it.

4. Her Winter Style Was On Point

Dressing for winter is difficult. Frumpy clothes and layers can never really make us feel like our most beautiful self. But Cher pulled off winter style effortlessly with a fur-trimmed coat and red lips to match the plaid.

3. When Cher Proved She "Woke Up Like This."

Because I, too, just wake up and run my fingers through my hair. #flawless.

2. The School Girl Look

Normally, a mustard-colored school uniform would be against all fashion rules. But not for Cher. With the help of her virtual closet, of course.

1. When Cher Proved Life Would Never Be Fair

Unless your life is perfect, I don't think any of us will look naturally stylish or beautiful when we're planning a night in, eating cookie dough, with curlers in our hair, no makeup, and in our comfiest pajamas. Oh well.

Images: IMDB; Giphy (10)