Justin Bieber Crashes Chatsworth High School Prom

As if the hype of prom isn’t enough with glamorous gowns and studly tuxes, a bumpin’ DJ and hormones at an all-time high, add the Biebs into the mix and a fancy high school dance turns into something straight out of MTV. Feeling nostalgic for the high school experience he never had, Justin Bieber crashed a prom with gal pals Hailey Baldwin and Gabby Westbrook Saturday night at Chatsworth Charter High School in California. Naturally, all attendees were high on Bieber fever.

Having never been to prom, I guess the Biebs missed the jacket and tie memo — that or he didn't want to upstage the poor guys trying to look good for their dates. I'll forgive him for what I'll assume to be a minor fashion mishap though, as he still managed to look fly in a brown tee, accessorizing with a matching fedora covering his fresh cut and a chunky gold watch and bracelet combo shining from his left wrist. Hailey Baldwin also took a casual approach to her ensemble of choice for the evening, dominating the dance floor in skinny jeans and caramel jacket, hair pulled up in a pony tail. As much as I loved my first, second, and third prom dress, who doesn't wish they could have stolen the show in casual couture?

The bad news: Unless you are one of the Chatsworth High School seniors reading this, Justin Bieber never made it to your prom. The good news: Not one person's outfit was upstaged by any of these A-list celebrities in the making of this #promcrashers experience.