Miley Cyrus Has Long Hair Again... Sort Of

Upon seeing this picture, I immediately had two thoughts: 1) Damn, Miley Cyrus looks really good with long brown hair, and, 2) How amazing would it be if she went as herself during her Hannah Montana days for Halloween? It would be kind of amazing, right? I know Cyrus is all into her whole "new image" now with the bleached blonde hair and the twerking and stuff, but, as we saw on Saturday Night Live, she's not opposed to making fun of herself, and there would be no move more meta and trolltastic than just dressing up as the character she's tried so hard to distance herself from for one night. Anyway — all that said, Miley Cyrus tweeted two pictures of herself wearing wigs last night, because she was just bein' Miley, and now everyone's talking about it.

I assume playing dress-up was for Halloween, but since she didn't specify, maybe she's actually shopping around for a new look? The first brunette wig looks best on her, of course, but it is a bit been there/done that — the purple wig, however, is not. Maybe she's going for the look of a 23rd century space vixen, or that of a stripper at a midwest bar named Candy? Either way, she tried them on, and here's pictorial evidence.