Slumber Parties Are WAY Better As Adults

Every so often, I find myself longing for the ritual of a childhood sleepover: The excitement of spending one night snacking, gossiping, drinking, and cuddling. It's something that I sincerely miss as a "real live adult"... but maybe I don't have to. As much as I treasure those memories from long ago, I have to admit — slumber parties as an adult are a lot more entertaining than they were when we were kids. It turns out that having a driver's license and being over 21 really is what it's cracked up to be. Who knew?

Growing up, there was seriously no better feeling than leaving school on a Friday afternoon and heading to my BFF's house for a sleepover. It felt like the whole world was ours for the taking as we raided her pantry for potato chips and gossiped endlessly about who had been kissing under the bleachers. Then, once I got to college, every night felt like a sleepover — no parents, not many rules, and all your friends sleeping right down the hall from you.

Even once we move out into the "real world," though, we can still have grownup sleepovers — and not just the "adult relationship" kind. I mean the kind where you stay up all night with your friends, having one heck of a bonding experience. Here are all the reasons slumber parties are way better once you're an adult:

1. Alcohol can flow freely, and not just from that water bottle stashed in your backpack.

Wine, as it turns out, goes remarkably well with candy. As if you thought it couldn't get any better.

2. You can feast on more than that one single pizza that you bought with your allowance money.

Cheese pizza is great, sure, but so is Thai food, and Indian food, and Mexican food, and pretty much all other food that is accessible to adults with credit cards and food delivery apps. Man, what a time to be alive.

3. "Boy (or Girl) Talk" is much juicier.

We've graduated from k-i-s-s-i-n-g and onto... other stuff. Stuff that is super fun to gossip about. Also, have you ever group Tindered? Because, like candy, it pairs very, very well with wine.

4. You have a lot more secrets to share at 3 AM.

More years on Earth means more life experiences, which also means more things that you really need to get off your chest. And your friends have a lot more wisdom to share, too.

5. Quality time with your ladies is much more valuable now that you don't have algebra together.

Ugh. Just... treasure it, you guys. Treasure it.

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