6 Makeup Hacks For Your Wedding Day

by Emily McClure

Someone put a ring on it? Yay! Now it’s time to prepare for your big day. Not all of us can afford to splurge on a professional makeup artist, so let's talk about a few wedding day makeup hacks. In fact, your beauty routine is probably one of the easiest things to save money on for your wedding — so you might as well give it a go.

I know what you’re thinking. This is your BIG day, and your makeup is one less thing that you need to worry about. Whether you are hiring a professional or doing your own makeup, you should make sure to try out various looks before getting ready to walk down the aisle. No one wants their crazy aunt commenting on how shiny the bride looks in the wedding photos.

To make sure your skin looks flawless, begin exfoliating and moisturizing your face a few weeks prior to the wedding day. A good base is the best way to ensure that you achieve that wedding day glow. By scrubbing away all of those dead skin cells, your makeup will actually have an easier time adhering to your skin. This means less touchups throughout the day.

Worried that you aren't a makeup guru? You don't have to be! There are several tips and tricks to make sure you look photo-ready, even if you're going the DIY route with your beauty routine.

1. If you stayed up too late at the bachelorette party...

Wake up your eyes by applying a skin tone eye pencil to your waterline for an instant brightening effect.

2. If you're worried about smeared lipstick...

Keep your lipstick fresh all day by covering your lips with a tissue and blotting loose powder over the top. Now, your color will last throughout eating, drinking, and even your first kiss!

3. If you're short on cash...

Skip on a makeup artist, and have a friend step in! Make sure you two practice different looks beforehand, however.

4. If your brows are unruly...

Dip a clean mascara wand into aloe vera to tame your brows into the fleek status you deserve.

5. If your makeup has a tendency to melt away...

To keep your makeup budge-proof all-day, make sure to top all cream products with a powder. Liquid foundation? Add a setting powder. Cream eyeshadow? Top it off with a similar-colored powder version.

6. If you want your eyes to look bigger...

Be wary of using strip lashes on your wedding day. In certain lighting, strip lashes can make your eyes appear smaller. Add individual eyelashes at the outer lash line for a more open-eyed effect instead.

Image: E-LEET/Fotolia