20 Dip Recipes For Cinco de Mayo And Beyond — Because No Chip Should Walk Alone

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Somehow the year has zoomed by again (sorry, wasn't New Years like, yesterday?), and Cinco de Mayo is nearly upon us. Who doesn't like a day where margaritas and chips top the to-do list? Forget the fact that time is flashing before your eyes, and focus instead on the imminent arrival of summer with one of these amazing Cinco de Mayo dip recipes. Salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole... the gang is all here.

Of course it would be fine if you just picked up a six pack and some store bought salsa, but I know you're better than that. That bag of tortilla chips deserves more, and so do you. These 20 dip recipes run the gamut from quick, fresh pico de gallo and unexpected guacamoles to cheesy, melty pots of amazingness that you will not be able to turn down. The hardest part will be choosing which to include on your own Cinco de Mayo menu.

Image: Joy The Baker

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