These #ImNotClingyBut Tweets Will Make You Cringe

What's your relationship deal breaker? Are you worried they'll cling too tightly, or are you more concerned their big reveal will be that they stalked you for 6 months before asking you out? There's always clear dating red flags that show up early on, but what about the weird quirks that fly under the radar? A new guy might reveal that he's not ready for a commitment or you might find you're dating a woman who is a narcissist. Basically relationships are a hot mess. Luckily, there are #ImNotClingyBut tweets circulating that will make you feel great about even the worst pitfalls of your past relationships.

It's a universally known truth that Twitter brings out the crazy ranter in all of us. It's a place we go to reveal weird things or comment on obscure trends, as long as our parents don't follow us. This trending hashtag du jour gives us a chance to air our grievances about that one couple everyone knows: The couple who literally shares the same oxygen, because they are always within a 6-inch radius of each other. We are so happy for that couple and the love that they share, we just need them to chill out a tiny bit. The hashtag takes the hyperbole to an entirely new dimension and is a great warning to all the daters out there to pull back if the guy or girl you're pursuing is following you around and/or pocketing any hair you shed.

Here are the best #ImNotClingyBut tweets from today:

1. The tweet with the most balls

S/O to this pup for not getting neutered in order to bring us all some comedy gold.

2. Sweet Velcro reference, bro

I just had so many flashbacks to my amazing, velcro, sneakers that lit up when I walked.

3. We approached a whole new level of stalker

These tweets are probably making you feel amazing about your relationship. Either that or they're hitting too close to home, in which case you may need to rethink a few of your life decisions.

4. The return of Justin Bieber girl

Repeat after me: Friends don't let friends obsessively stalk the 8 other girls that liked their significant other's status.

5. TVGuide brought Orange Is the New Black into the mix

If that doesn't say commitment, what does?

6. The crazy got a ~little~ out of hand

Bringing ringtones into the discussion was the right move. We need to bring ringtones back so people can continue to be humiliated during meetings when Britney Spears' "Toxic" starts blaring from their phone.

7. The paranoid sleeper

Like, that's dream cheating. How could they do that to you?

8. The super sleuth

...That's how you know your relationship is moving too fast.

Image: CBS