What If Monica Geller Had Her Own Movie?

There might not be a Friends reunion in the near future, but there might be a movie featuring Monica Geller called Hangin' with Monica. While chatting with Yahoo!, Courteney Cox slammed all your Friends reunion hopes and dreams, in addition to revealing that Monica is getting her very own movie. Hallelujah! Before you get too excited, Cox was totally joking, but I'd totally watch a Friends spin-off focusing on just Monica. Wouldn't you?

Not only did the actress tell people to "let it go" when it comes to the Friends reunion, especially since it appears that David Schwimmer, aka Ross, always seems to bail on an off-screen Friends reunion, but she joked, "Oh, Monica's gonna do a movie. Yeah, just not the whole Friends. No, it's gonna be called Hangin' with Monica. People will be running to the theaters."

Yes, I would run to the theaters to see a movie where Cox reprises the comedic role she'll always be remembered for. Even though it's not really happening, why not have some fun with the possibility of Monica as the lead in her very own movie? Here are six things that a movie with Monica Geller as the lead would involve. Yes, there would be lots of cleaning, surprise appearances, and the beloved Chandler Bing.

Some Type Of Competition

There's no doubt that Monica was the most competitive character on Friends. So, that clearly means some type of competition would be included in her movie, because, well, you can't have a movie without Monica declaring how her team always wins.

Chandler... Duh

You can't have a movie starring Monica without Chandler, the love of her life. You know what that means? Friends fans would get a mini-reunion with Cox and Matthew Perry.

The Twins

Seeing as Monica and Chandler will be starring in the film that also means their twins, Erica and Jack, would have to play some type of role. Can you believe they'd be 11 years old in 2015? Let's all imagine Monica and Chandler as parents of twins who are almost teens.

Singing & Dancing

Monica loves to do "the routine" and sing, so, of course, there'd be a dance and song sequence in the movie.

Monica As A Famous Chef

If there's going to be a film about Monica, then that means she's going to be a famous chef, right? Maybe it will be about Monica entering a cooking competition? Let's hope so, because she always rocked it in the kitchen.

A Surprise Friends Reunion

Even though Cox might have not realized it when she joked about Monica's movie, a film solely about her character would have to also feature a Friends reunion. How can you have a movie about Monica, but not include her five best friends? So, really, Hangin' with Monica would just be a cover for the Friends reunion we fanatics have all been waiting for.

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