21 Kristen Stewart GIFs For Every Situation, Because, Yes, She Does Show Many Emotions

Whoever says that Kristen Stewart is not expressive or emotive enough to be an actress is quite obviously dead wrong. So wrong, in fact, that I will seek to disprove that sentiment publicly while simultaneously helping the rest of humanity who doesn’t possess her gift of fervency. Am I being too vague? What I mean is that Kristen Stewart is actually so emotive that I’ve found a way for her to speak for us when we don’t know how. Articulating feelings yourself can get messy and misconstrued, and who the heck wants to deal with all of that?

So, if you’re anything like me, and can’t always best express your mood, you may wish you had something other than your words as an outlet. Especially, when you need to relay your feelings without it getting too intimate. Well, you see friends, this is where our pal K. Stew comes in. Below are 21 different Kristen Stewart GIFs that span many everyday situations. You can tailor them how you see fit or use them just as they are. Either way, you can thank the impassioned actress for her wonderful, immortalized faces that can definitely do the talking for us.

When you're complimented

When you can't even

When you're perplexed

When the words won't come out right

When you smell something funny

When you're on to someone's shenanigans

When you wholeheartedly disapprove of something

When someone suggests getting tacos

When you hear a noise and you're home alone

When you realize you forgot to turn your straightener off mid-commute

When you run into your ex in a public setting

When asked if you've met anyone worthwhile on Tinder lately

When your mom comments on your Facebook pictures

When someone asks who wants the last slice

When someone tells you that you look like your dad

When your friends meddle in your romantic life

When someone corrects your grammar on Twitter

When words won't convey the depth in which you hate someone

When something peaks your interest

When the credit card bill comes in

When you make it to the "popular" page on Instagram

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