Beyoncé Photobomb Is Fake Because Nothing That Awesome Happens By Accident

Are you sitting? You might want to just take a seat, put on the smooth sounds of "If I Were a Boy" and mellow out because I have some disheartening news to share, and no, it does not involve Miley Cyrus, nakedness, nor the current state of the economy. Caity Weaver over at Gawker has just dropped a truth bomb about a fake bomb and we feel it's necessary to pass on the news. As Weaver has so cleverly observed, the Beyoncé photobomb is fake. We all lost our shit when we thought Beyoncé had brilliantly inserted herself into a teen's selfie, but no, that's just not the case.

The Australian 15-year-old who took the picture felt it was necessary to speak up and set the record straight, so she took to Tumblr to let fly her truthiness flag. In a blog post titled "THE TRUTH," Beyoncé truther Valentina revealed that she had, in fact, asked Beyoncé to pose in the selfie with her, and because Bey's just that awesome, she obliged.

Valentina writes:

Okay so as most of the people that have recently followed me i have been the girl that got her selfie ”photobombed” by Beyonce when in fact i asked her for the photo so she posed and smiled as the perfect person she is!
just thought i’d clear the air haha

"Haha," indeed.

Don't believe Valentina? Still want to go on thinking that someday, somehow you could be photobombed by the world's biggest star? Get your head out of your ass. If this teenager's words aren't enough, check out the below video she uploaded that proves there was no photobombing, whatsoever.

Stings a bit, doesn't it? Here we were, thinking awesome thoughts about how awesome stuff sometimes happens when bam: accuracy and facts come in and shatter our dreams. But hey, it's better we know what really happened at the history-making concert in Melbourne. So thank you Caity Weaver, and thank you Valentina.

Here's Valentina's evidence that the Beyoncé photobomb was more of, you know, just a photo. Skip to 0:53.

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Image: BeyonceKnowles/Tumblr