How To Stop Avocados From Turning Brown? These Easy Steps Can Do The Trick For You — VIDEO

We've been on high alert for one particularly upsetting forecast for a while now: There might be an avocado shortage on our hands very soon. If it happens, it would be in large part thanks to California's drought, which is honestly pretty devastating, even prompting officials to declare a state of emergency at one point. Regardless of an impending rationing systems we may have to implement with our favorite fruit (remember, avocados are a fruit), it's never a bad effort to learn to waste less. Hence, the Internet bestowed upon us a few handy tips for keeping avocados from turning brown.

Avocados, when sliced open, turn from a brilliant green color to a mucky, sometimes slimy-looking brown grossness. That's because when its emerald flesh gets exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes and looks way barfy. It's still safe to eat brown avocado, it's just not...super tempting. Like, would you ever feel good or even OK serving a huge bowl of guac to hungry guests when it essentially looks like mud? It would probably taste fine, but that idea alone gives me major anxiety. However, that stress may be easily curbed with this new arsenal of preservation tactics. I mean, some people do only want just half the avocado (or so I have heard). Here's some methods to keep avocados green:

Hang on to the pit

A cook at a past cafe job I had taught me this trick. As a result, I have felt undeservedly smug (until people ask WTF it's doing in the avo-salsa bowl, assuming it was an oversight...which, to be fair, isn't usually too off-base an assumption if you know me).

Stuff it in a sealed plastic bag

Cling wrap works in an acceptable way, but you could do better and this is one way to do just that.

Brush it with olive oil

The brilliant avocado professor leading this video warns, however, using this method for preserving guac can make the whole mess a bit more oily. He says this like it'd be a problem. That's a choose-your-adventure decision, bb.

Watch the whole video below and start living the dream of permanently green avocados (if they even stick around long enough to tempt a brown fate, which they absolutely should not):

~The more you know.~ Also, kiiinda in love with this guy, clear King Of Our Most Holy Food Available:

Slice avos responsibly, y'all.

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