Drybar's New App Delivers Blowouts To Your Door

I feel like I always have the best hair days when I have nowhere to go, but then the moment I need to do my hair for a big event, it decides to go all Medusa on me. All my ladies who feel me on this, you will all love Drybar’s new app called Dry on the Fly. All Drybar regulars know the Dry-on-the-Fly is the call-in option that gets you a blowout at your home for $95. But according to New York Times, you can get a blowout in the comforts of your home, office or wherever you may be for $75 when you use the app.

Drybar started out in Manhattan when founder Alli Webb moved there from Irvine, California. Now, five years later, according to New York Times, Drybar is a $50 million-a-year enterprise that is set out to make $70 million in revenue this year. While there are plenty of other apps out there that offer similar mobile hair services, such as Priv and StyleBee, loyal Drybar customers now have the option to have Drybar readily available, even if they can't make it to the salon. Ask any Drybar enthusiast — this is huge news.

Drybar is the largest blowout chain in the US, so this app has been a long time coming for its fans. Webb likes to tell her new Drybar employees, “We’re not selling blowouts. We’re selling happiness and confidence.” So whether you need a last-minute pick-me-up or are running late for a fancy event, you don't have to worry about finding your nearest Drybar, because now, you can leave it to them to find you. Download Dry on the Fly here!

Image: thedrybar/Instagram