6 Reasons Why You Should Never Do Your Hair

by Miki Hayes

As someone who is inherently lazy when it comes to doing her hair, I'm somewhat of a biased author here. But I must say, as awesome as some hairstyles can look, there's plenty of reasons to not do your hair. Yes, on occasion, I'll give my hair a quick curl or throw it in a braid (my favorite is the four-strand) or topknot. But even those can prove a little too involved on a regular day. So usually, I'm more of a wash-it-and-forget-it kind of gal. I kicked myself about this for a while. I've always been a tad obsessed with cosmetics, so I thought I was disproportionately disinterested in hairstyling. I think I figured I couldn't be a genuine member of the beauty community when the most attention my hair usually receives is from shampoo and conditioner (and only a few times a week, at that). But after reassessing the benefits of never doing my hair, I'm no longer eager to join the styled-side.

And don't worry if you think your hair needs too much help to go au-naturel. Try to find a routine that works well for your hair. Maybe you prefer to wash it in the morning and let it air dry throughout the day so all the strands set in the right place. If your hair is a little more tolerant, and you want it to be dry before you leave in the morning, switch to nightly showers. You can also try out different types of pillowcases to see which gives your best hair, effortlessly. And maybe even switch up your shampoo and conditioner, or how much you towel-dry. Once you're ready to rock your natural hair day-in and day-out, here are six amazing benefits you'll reap.

1. More Time

When you're not spending styling time on your hair everyday, the possibilities for that extra time become endless. Go ahead and try on a few more outfits or perfect that winged liner before leaving the house. Let Netflix auto-play that next episode. You have 20 minutes to spare. Overslept? No problem. You weren't going to do your hair anyway.

2. More Money

If you don't have to buy styling products and tools like hairspray and curling wands, that's a lot of extra money to spend on other things. Might I suggest cake?

3. Less Damage

Hair stays healthier for longer when it's not being constantly heated, twisted, and tied. And yes, if you're trying to grow your hair longer, the extra damage from styling could be inhibiting its growth. So put down the straightener and back away from the teasing comb. You'll be impressed by how long you can go before any split ends start cropping up.

4. Less Clutter

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you don't understand where all the counter and storage space in your bathroom went, no longer styling your hair will free up unbelievable amounts of space. After all, the bulkiest and most awkwardly-shaped products are usually hair-related.

5. Less Stress

If your hair is done, there are suddenly a lot more stressors in life. Driving with the windows down is usually a no-no. Changing outfits is out of the question if the top has a small neckline. And of course there are the general worries like if a bobby pin has come loose, if fly-aways are making an appearance, and can you stomp like you're walking a runway without your hairstyle falling out? Because the last one is a deal-breaker.

6. Fewer Washes

Not only will your hair be healthier from the fewer causes of damage, but it will also be healthier from the lessened need to wash it. If you're not touching your hair as much to style it, and it's not getting as much product buildup, you won't have to wash it as often. Thank goodness for shorter showers.

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