CeCe May Be Ali's Actual Sister On 'PLL'

Don't get me wrong, I love Pretty Little Liars, but sometimes I need an actual flow chart diagram of sorts to keep up with all its characters. I know the five major players — Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Ali — down pat, and I know the guys pretty well (because, guys). As for everyone else, sometimes I forget about them, and then I completely forget their back story. That's how I feel about CeCe Drake, who breezes in and out of Rosewood every time the wind changes. She's someone I shouldn't forget about so regularly, though, because I think she still has a bigger part to play in this greater A mystery for the Liars. With a few short weeks before Pretty Little Liars ' Season 6 premiere, I'm starting to think that CeCe might be wrapped up in all the drama. In fact, I'm starting to think that CeCe might be the baby in Charles' home movie.

The home movie that Spencer watches in the Season 5 finale, "Welcome to the Dollhouse" shows a mom holding a baby as two boys stand near her. The mom is Mrs. D. With that cue, we were all quick to jump on the fact that obviously these boys have to be Jason and this new Charles, so clearly the baby is Ali. But, is the baby Ali? We might have been so far into our PLL downward spiral at this point to not even consider that the baby wasn't Ali. Now I'm really thinking that the baby isn't Ali, and it's for one simple reason: the age difference is off.

Currently, Jason is right around the age range of 24/25. Ali is currently 17. That's a seven year age difference between them, but the boys in the home movie don't appear to be seven years old. See for yourself (if you don't want to watch the whole clip, skip to 2:40):

Those kids are four, maybe even five. Honestly, while I'm no kid expert, they might even be around the toddler age. Sure, there is the idea that whoever cast these children to play Mrs. D's kids messed up and cast two kids who were two young for the actual age difference between them and Ali, or this was done intentional. Ali wouldn't have born yet, so that baby is not Ali. It could be CeCe.

CeCe has always been painted as a "big sister" to Ali, but she actually might have been her real big sister. Ali might not even have known their connection, because Jason certainly did not. Jason and CeCe were actually dating at the time of Ali's disappearance, and before you get all freaked out, remember that Jason and Melissa dated, too, and they're related. I guess that's a common Rosewood thing. There's also that Jenna/Toby thing, so PLL goes there, OK?

CeCe was the one who broke up with Jason, and she never gave him a clear reason as to why. She also informs him that she'd rather not tell him exactly why they broke up — because explaining to someone that you've been dating and now surprise!! you're related is weird, I get that. But after dating Jason, CeCe learned the truth (or maybe was even told the truth by someone else) and broke things off. Or CeCe knew the truth the entire time, and wanted to get closer to the Dilaurentis family. There could be a million explanations for this.

That theorizing aside, the resemblance between CeCe and Ali is also too great to ignore. They look, and act, alike in so many ways. We've always written it off as Ali trying to copy CeCe, but it might have been more than that. It might have been a bond as deep as blood.

Following Ali's disappearance (and then reappearance, and then the hiding stage) CeCe plays a big role in making sure she's was always safe. It's a nice thing to do for any friend, sure, but could CeCe have been doing it because she was looking out for her little sister?

Currently, CeCe is in France — maybe? — or she's dead, and is the someone in the barrel in the storage center — maybe? Truthfully, CeCe's whereabouts are unknown, but she's going to come back to PLL eventually (dead or alive). There are still unanswered questions about her, and she might be one of the keys to this big A mystery.

Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family