Photocromia Is A Clothing Line That Responds & Interacts With Light, Because This Is The Future Of Fashion, Guys

Since technology has played a heavy role in the way our society functions, it's no surprise that a designer has now created Photocromia, a clothing line that responds and interacts with light. Yes, that means these clothes actually change whether you go out for daytime brunching or nighttime clubbing. Basically, real life transformers are within our reach.

Let me break it down for you: It all starts with designer, Maddy Maxey, a young entrepreneur dedicated to creating, "her new clothing line [that] exploits UV-reactive inks to create interactive garments, making the combination of cloth and technology feel intuitive." What that basically means is that when light hits your clothes, certain geometric shapes and designs will appear and disappear according to the UV light it attains. Amazing? Amazing.

The designs incorporates photochromic inks which, according to Co.Design, "are made up of molecules that turn transparent when exposed to sunlight." Surprisingly, the technology has been around since the mid-1800s, but when you apply the concept to clothing, "it still feels futuristic." This is the future of fashion, guys.

Maxey is super optimistic about seeing where technology and clothing can work together, and how her designs can ultimately affect the future of fashion. She explains, "Ultimately, I want to see clothing that truly serves the purpose of wearers. Think of hydrophobic or anti-microbial cloth, which could protect clothing from bad weather or harmful bacteria, or modular clothing that could shape shift, reducing the amount of clothing necessary to produce different looks." I mean, if I could get my hands on a super chic jumpsuit equipped with the proper elements to protect me from weather and bacteria, I'd be one happy camper. I think we all would!

Maxey's Kickstarter is currently at $10,656 with 9 more days until the campaign ends. Her goal is $12,000. She writes in the campaign's description, "creating a future where garments respond to our environment through Photochromia, an apparel collection of UV responsive digital prints." Mind is officially blown.

Photocromia will include everything from baseball caps and t-shirts to sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Take a look for yourself:

Images: Spencer Kohn/ Kickstarter