Zac Efron In A Fringe Crop Top Is Something To See

The crop top has officially taken over the ladies of Hollywood, but we never expected to spot the trend on one of the industry's hottest guys. While shooting a scene for his new film Dirty Grandpa, Zac Efron wore a fringe crop top and neon zebra print sweatpants, and the ensemble was nothing short of trash-tastic. When does the movie come out again?

Seeing this outfit on such a sculpted, buff dude is actually hilarious — the shirt has an infinity sign and it boasts the words "Hakuna Matata." LOLZ. But that's also kind of why it's so great.

As eye-catching as the whole package is, the real stars of this look are those abs. Holy moly. All in favor of seeing the actor (or guys in general) wear more crop tops IRL, say "I". With the rampant takeover of the style, it actually wouldn't surprise me if a few daring guys got on the bandwagon in the near future.

You can't deny that Zac Efron and his perfect midsection — OK, perfect everything — make up some pretty amazing man candy. Man candy that I would definitely like a piece of, even if this is the most hot mess outfit we've seen on a celebrity in a while. I can't decide whether I should be drooling or laughing hysterically.

You know what? I could even do without the crop top. Better yet, transition to full-on Matthew McConaughey circa 2006 and just go bare chested all the time. I could get on board. I know Abercrombie's over the whole shirtless greeter thing, but...

Image: HollywoodLife/Twitter; Giphy