Dorinda & Bethenny Should Be 'RHONY' Besties

So much of the Real Housewives franchise involves women squawking and screeching at other women, but I really enjoy when you get to see real, true friendships on the show. From NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak (in the beginning) to Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin (also in the beginning), there was something special about being able to see two best pals living it up for the cameras. And now, Dorinda Medley is the newest cast member on this season of Real Housewives of New York: A skilled entrepreneur and saleswoman in her own right, Dorinda is pretty good pals with Ramona Singer, and it’s been nice to see the true dynamic of their friendship as Dorinda supports Ramona through her divorce. But I'm thinking that Dorinda might have a future BFF in another RHONY: Bethenny Frankel.

The returned housewife could really use a pal like Dorinda at a time like this, because the way I see it, Frankel, a recent addition to the show but by no means a stranger to the franchise, is getting the sad “please watch Real Housewives again and remember the good old days” edit. I think that the producers of the show were aiming to reverse the show’s lagging ratings by adding back crowd favorite Bethenny, but she’s just in such a different place in her life that she's kind of hard to watch. Take for example, last week, when Bethenny’s noted nemesis Kelly Bensimon made an appearance: She just happened to be at the dance club that LuAnn frequents on her girls’ nights.

Um, really? Even Bethenny’s face was like, “Really? I have to do this again?” There’s no way in hell that Kelly knew where she was, let alone would agree to go to that club of her own volition. The producers of RHONY are still trying to make fetch happen, but I have the perfect solution: pair Dorinda and Bethenny up as BFFs. If you think about it, these women have a lot more in common that you’d think.

They Both Know Loss

Though she’s been divorced before, Dorinda lost her second husband, former George Soros partner Richard Medley, to an unexpected illness four years ago. Bethenny is just going through a very painful and very public divorce from estranged husband Jason Hoppy. Both Dorinda and Bethenny are strong outwardly but have very vulnerable pieces within.

They Both Have Little Girls

Dorinda’s daughter, Hannah, is not so much on the little side — she’s 21 and trying her hand at a modeling career. Bryn, Bethenny’s daughter, is more focused on Sesame Street for now.

They’re Both Entrepreneurs

After marrying Scottish ex-husband Ralph Lynch and moving to London to be with him, Dorinda started her own cashmere company while abroad, selling to the likes of the late Princess Diana. She later sold the business before she moved back to the States post-divorce. Bethenny, as we all know, conceived and built the wildly successful Skinny Girl brand, which now consists of drinks, nutrition bars, shape wear, blenders, and more. They're both smart and powerful. What’s not to love?

They Both Came Out The Other Side

Dorinda survived divorce and the death of Richard, and, even though Bethenny’s divorce is not yet final, I’m certain she will be just fine. Both of these women are extraordinarily resilient people, so coupled together, you can only imagine how powerful they would be.

I have to say that I am enjoying this season of Real Housewives Of New York thus far, but it would be better if these two paired up. Look out, NYC: Dorinda and Bethenny are the new dream team.

Images: Nick Valinote/Bravo; Giphy (5)