AnaOno Launches Lingerie Line For Breast Cancer Survivors, Giving Them The Chance To Feel Comfortable, Sexy, And Powerful

Fashion isn't always about high-priced shoes or cute clothing that we pin to our Pinterest boards. Fashion can also be about making women feel comfortable and powerful, especially after a life-changing event. AnaOno has launched the first line of lingerie for breast cancer survivors or other women who have had some kind of breast-related surgeries or reconstructions.

It's fashion for a cause, and AnaOno prides itself on its fit and design for hard-to-fit bodies and women who have had unilateral, FLAP surgery, or enhancements, according to AnaOno's website.

It's often believed by women who have undergone a serious medical condition or diagnosis that they can no longer be sexy anymore or feel good about themselves. Well, AnaOno's pieces are here to prove them wrong. They are feminine, sexy, and versatile to fit women of all shapes and sizes. The company offers a sports bra, a shelf bra, and a lace bralette made from nylon and spandex that will stretch and fit comfortably.

The company has also vowed to give 10 percent of each sale back to Jill's Wish, which provides grants to women who are going through treatment for breast cancer. Not only are the AnaOno bras one-of-a-kind, they are a message that all women can feel good about themselves, especially breast cancer survivors.

(Rachel Wire-Free Bra, $54,

(Jill Bralette, $48,

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