Who Will Replace Derek & Meredith On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Amelia & Owen Should Be The Series' Next Big Couple

I know it’s been less than a week and we are still mourning the death of Derek Shepherd, but there needs to be a new “it” couple on Grey’s Anatomy and let’s face it, Meredith Grey will not date anyone for a long time. It’s safe to say that Amelia and Owen will be the next major couple on Grey’s Anatomy . Why? Because they are adorable and already have loads of drama. The central couple of a show needs to have problems, otherwise they just wouldn't be interesting to watch. Meredith and Derek have been Grey's Anatomy's main couple since it began 10 years ago and now it’s time to pass the torch. Owen and Amelia are definitely about to steal the spotlight, as they should.

If you missed last week's episode, though I’m pretty sure no one did, you should know that it was completely traumatizing. We lost Derek Shepherd to a brain injury and I'm still not over it. But finding a new couple to root for may actually help us heal. Even though Amelia and Owen are the most probable candidates for hottest couple at Grey Sloan Memorial, let’s just run through the other options and the likelihood for their storyline to take center stage.

Alex & Jo

I really like Alex and Jo together. They seem like the only couple that’s actually happy and pretty normal right now. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Grey's Anatomy brings them forward with some drama. It’s been awhile since they had some problems and as we well know, in Shondaland, you can never be happy for long.

Jackson & April

At first I loved the idea of these two together, but over the past season I have been hating them more and more. They just aren't working as a couple anymore and I think the end may be near.

Maggie & Ethan

Nothing is more awkward than watching Maggie try to flirt with this new cast member, Ethan. I do think that the show is going to give her a romantic storyline soon, but it probably won't be with him — unless that flirtation vastly improves in the next few weeks.

Bailey & Ben

I love them and I really think that we should see more of their relationship, but Bailey has always been pretty private about her personal life and I think if she starts having major drama or storylines of the romantic kind, it would change the very essence of her character.

Richard & Catherine

Are they together or not? Even a constant state of on again/off again can't make them exciting enough to replace MerDer.

Arizona & Callie

It seems unlikely that they would get back together at this point. However, if they did, not only would I be happy to see them try again, but Calzona would have the potential to be Grey's Anatomy's next MerDer and give Owen and Amelia some serious competition.

Images: Mitchell Haaseth (2), Ron Batzdorff, Eric McCandless, Adam Taylor (2), Bob D'Amico/ABC