11 Sailor Moon Inspired Beauty Items For Fangirls And Serious Sailor Scout Wannabees

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Sailor Moon makeup has happened and it is glorious. When I was a child, I could only dream of what it must be like to be Sailor Moon IRL, as I hopelessly daydreamed about how wearing Sailor Moon clothes and accessories would affect and empower me. I would envisage strutting down the street in my Sailor Scout uniform, throwing on my magic tiara, and vanquishing mean girls. Little did I know that 15 years later, I could literally transform myself into Sailor Moon, or any of the other Sailor Scouts. (Side note: I think Sailor Moon would make an awesome bachelorette party theme...)

As well as replica uniforms, we now have plastic toys and lunar jewelry. You can now get your paws on Sailor Moon-inspired makeup, too, which is brilliant because everyone wants to feel like a moon princess. From Moon Venom to crescent moon body stickers, here are all of the items you'll need to unleash your inner Sailor Scout!

Image: TV Asahi; Toei Animation

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