This Surfer Pulls Off Granny Chic Perfectly

The whole model/surfer/Insta-famous hot guy thing is really nothing new. However, you haven't seen anything quite like Luke Davis yet. Luke Davis is a surfer, traveling the world, being photographed frequently (when you see him, you'll understand why) and dyeing his hair a million different colors along the way. The super photogenic Davis even dyed his hair gray for a "granny chic" look and was still incredibly hot, proving that he can really pull off any color. But gray is just the beginning for Davis, really. There's magenta, turquoise, a mix of both, blonde. This guy goes through more dye jobs than Kylie Jenner!

Davis is great because he proves that taking an interest in your hair isn't just for girls (duh), and also that experimenting with color is as important as switching up your clothing style. Of course, since Davis is rarely wearing much by way of clothing (surfers, man), maybe the constantly evolving hair color is his way to keep things fresh. In any case, it really works for Davis.

I mean, it really works — he has almost 90,000 followers on Instagram. According to Elite Daily, Davis just wants to keep traveling the world, surfing, and maybe winning some awards along the way. Just a regular Insta-famous 22-year-old, basically.

Here are some of his many hair looks, in case you were curious (of course you were).

Images: lukedavisthegrey/Instagram