7 Ways Spring Is Bad For You Sartorially Speaking — Because It's Not All Rainbows And Butterflies

With the onset of spring comes a flurry of excitement for most of us. However, even as we dive into our wardrobes aiming to accomplish new spring fashion resolutions, early to mid spring can be a tough time for our fashion morale. It goes without saying that we carry on, because all things considered, a little discouragement around our daily style choices is not that big of a deal. But, for those of us who experience a little extra spring in our step (don't excuse that pun, it was terrible) once the weather turns sunny and warm, the emotional roller coaster of breaking out our spring and summer clothes only to have them sit unworn in our closets on chilly spring days can be a tad trying.

Having grown up in the Midwest, with a birthday in June, I will admit I'm entirely biased when it comes to this time of year. For me, spring signifies rebirth, lighthearted whimsy, and the time when I finally get to put away my long underwear! (No, I don't really wear long underwear anymore, but I used to, when I lived in Wisconsin. Laugh as much as you'd like — it was entirely necessary. These days I can get away with yoga pants hidden under my jeans, in most circumstances.) That being said, I truly relish the return to lightweight fabrics, pastels, and pieces that show my skin the light of day.

Since we're nearing the time when we'll finally be able to break free of our heavy cable sweaters in exchange for sundresses, it seemed fitting to share a quick lament regarding the downsides of this seasonal transition (because #springproblems).

1. Your Shorts Keep Making Eyes At You


As a woman who loves every aspect of wearing shorts — from the ease of mobility to the act of bearing my legs — the very moment the temperature rises the slightest bit above 40 degrees, I'm side-glancing longingly at my shorts drawer.

Whether we're talking classic navy chino shorts, or fun, flirty denim, it makes no difference — they all make my heart flutter. But early spring is a fickle beast, especially here in the Chicago area, where temperatures regularly dip back below 40 degrees, just a day or two after having hit 60. And while one could make a solid case for fun stockings/tights/fishnets and shorts, playing the "is today warm enough?" guessing game can be enough to make you give up on baring those thighs until late May.

2. Pastels Want To Play


But, it's super dreary outside. And while using color to improve your mental space is a great tactic, sometimes wearing sweet, spring-inspired pastels feels like you're lying to yourself if the weather isn't playing along. So, while we want to reach for powdery pinks and soft blues, we often find ourselves compromising with neutrals that match the passing clouds.

3. March And April Winds

Along with all of the spring showers come storms, and often, unpredictable winds. And while the warmer weather means a welcome return to skirts and dresses, wearing these pieces on breezy days can be more than a little dicey.

4. Layering Woes

Sigh. Just months ago your sweaters held such great appeal. Between fun patterns, classic cuts, and the comfy factor, come November, you couldn't wait to break out the knit goods. But now? Ugh, enough already. Isn't it time our arms saw some sun? For many of us, early spring means fighting the good fight, and finding ways to wear our warm weather favorites, despite the chill. But that means either freezing in the process, or facing the fact that we're not quite done with the sweaters we're more than ready to put away.

5. Antsy Feet

Okay, not literally — that would make me extremely squeamish. But when it comes to the promise of spring, and eventually summer, there's nothing I love more than breaking out my warm weather footwear. Doing so signals a time of fun beach adventures, and the extreme ease of slip on sandals. (Not to mention how much I enjoy walking barefoot!) Yet, this is another area that can spell mini disaster if rushed. While getting caught wearing sandals or flip flops during a spring rainstorm has its upsides — they dry quicker, and tend to be a little more water resistant — it can be pretty miserable spending the day with cold, damp feet.

6. Sunglasses On Display

Chris Hondros/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Yep, there's no doubt that sunglasses are some of the most fun fashion accessories you can wear. And this time of year, they're everywhere! While that's not really so much of a downside, my compulsion to try each pair on can be.

7. Bathing Suit Anxiety

For all we attempt to maintain positive body attitudes, this is one area where many of us clam up — the dreaded transition to bathing suit season. Whether you're the hit the gym and get fit type, or the hit the couch with pizza and say screw it type, or a combination of both, you may be experiencing a little bit of secret anxiety over how you're going to look in your suit come summer. Or, whether this is the year you finally have to update the bikini you've had since freshman year of high school (it's okay, we all get attached to "the one").

Well, not to worry. The good news is, as so many have so eloquently put it before now, it's best to remember that every body is a bikini body. Or a one piece body, if that's your preference — and there's no shame if it is. Bathing suits are about one thing only: Having a quick-drying piece of non-restrictive clothing in which you can enjoy yourself in the sunshine and water. So embrace what you're rockin, and take the opportunity to play with fun cuts and patterns as you search for the swimsuit that screams you this spring.

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