The Spring Fashion Resolutions We Should All Make

by Jodie Layne

March is only fresh on our doorsteps and the snow is as firmly on the ground as it was yesterday. But making it through February always seems like a huge accomplishment. Winter's definitely not done wrapping its frigid claws around us yet, but the springtime-y signals are tangible: We're seeing temperatures above 30 in next week's forecast, the mornings and nights are slowly stretching out, and I'm personally feeling the urge to stock my closet with a whole new wardrobe. The switch from heavy winter knits and fleece tights is one of the most relieving parts of the year. Hey: I love a good knit! I just love it so much more when I get to wear it because I want to and not because my limbs are going to be numb if I don't. You know? I know you do! Spring fashion is all about freedom and reinvention, which means it's the perfect time to use that urge to set fire to every single cumbersome winter item of clothing and use your spring clothing choices to make some changes. Nothing drastic, of course: I'm leaving your signature style alone! But the seasonal shift is definitely the perfect chance to feel a little more body positive, push your boundaries, and play with some trends in creative ways. So here are five spring fashion resolutions to make you just a bit bolder and boost your confidence along the way:

1. Rock Pastels

Pastels come out of hiding every spring to woo us with their flirty and feminine ways. It would surprise absolutely no one that pastels and nudes are all over the place this spring. While you might be all, "I'm not pink lady, this trend is not for me," or "YAWN," just hear me out. Pastels aren't just prissy and proper anymore and the person who can wear 'em and make the classic hues look edgy and fresh? That's your true fashionista right there. Try a pink moto jacket with ripped black jeans, a tee, and ankle boots to give it a harder edge. Wear washed-out nudes with oversized pieces in rich navy and olive for a more sophisticated, minimalist look that's anything but stale. If you think you can't wear a pastel, you're wrong.

Love & Legend Moto Jacket, $140,

2. Flaunt It In A Floral Print

I know Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada might make you shrink at the thought of wearing a floral print for spring. Just like pastels, suggesting florals seems totally disingenuous. But not if you're thinking creatively and looking for ways to play with what the expected iteration of the style might look like. Pink and red and other such rosy hues popping up? Wear those nude shades I talked about with these richly saturated botanical prints for a sophisticated ensemble.Print Shift Dress, $32,

3. Let Your Legs And Arms Breathe

You've been bundled under coats and cardigans, tights and thermals all winter long: Let your arms and legs (and midriffs) hit the fresh air and feel the sun. Don't worry about them being perfectly shaven, not as toned as you'd like, or pasty as can be — let 'em free! Honestly, denying your legs and arms for not being "perfect" enough is such a waste of the four to five months of nice weather we get.

Keepsake Come A Little Closer Sequin Dress, $202,

4. Strengthen Your Coat Game

Spring is warmer, but not quite all the time. Chances are you're still going to spend a fair amount of the in-betweeny season under a coat. Parkas are expensive, so you likely have one good quality coat all winter that keeps the cold out. Spring is the time to diversify your jacket wardrobe and make your toppers as much a part of your outfit as what's underneath. Try a sleek and sophisticated one like the mid-length coat above, a good moto, a solid neutral anorak or a bomber jacket to nail athleisure.

H&M+ Coat, $69.95,

5. Find The Perfect Bra — Or Don't

Spring is a great time to get a proper bra fit and purchase some new lingerie that's going to support you and be breathable throughout the summer months. Whether it's getting a great convertible bra for strapless and backless summer styles or finding a cute bandeau for peeking out of sheer tops, now's the time to get on it. But how about we simultaneously and collectively worry a little less about the "need" to wear a bra in the first place? Unless not wearing one causes you pain or is going to get you fired/arrested, let those babies breathe a bit and shed insecurity about them not being perky or cleavage-y enough. I'm a lingerie fanatic, but in certain dresses I relish the opportunity to go braless. One of the number one things I hear people with breasts say is: "I wish I didn't have to wear a bra!" Well, sometimes you don't have to: Take those opportunities.

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Modern T-Shirt Bra, $46,

Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands