Harry Styles Is Very Socially Aware

Harry Styles is most well known for singing in boy band One Direction, steeling teenage girls' hearts, and having amazing hair. But he also has a fantastic quality that sets him apart from many of his peers. Harry Styles is very socially aware, and uses his celebrity platform to speak out for social issues that he feels passionate about and to show love to those who come from different backgrounds than him.

From taking part in Emma Watson's "He For She" campaign, a solidarity movement for gender equality, to showing support to gay rights charity Stonewall on its 25th anniversary, it's safe to say that Styles's support for social causes goes all over the map. And that's a very impressive thing. Considering Styles' identity as a cisgender, white man, who has oodles of cash, it would be very easy for him to ignore causes that have no effect on him and do not impact his daily life. But because he is a generous and all-around good human, he has taken it upon himself to not only embrace the causes, but also to help spark the conversation itself. Check out the round up below for some of Styles' best moments that show social awareness is a very good look on him.

"He For She" Campaign

Styles put on his activist hat for "He For She," a solidarity movement for gender equality that specifically requests participation from men to help take action against discrimination and violence against women. Launched by UN Women and Emma Watson, this feminist movement undoubtedly became even more mainstream when Styles joined in.

Stonewall Gay Rights Charity

The singer doesn't show solidarity just for women! He also shows solidarity with all members of the gay community. When SNOG, a UK-based frozen yogurt company, created a unique selfie campaign with bold graphic designs to show support to gay rights charity Stonewall on its 25th anniversary, Styles was happy to join in.

Religious Holidays

Styles knows that just because he isn't Jewish or Muslim doesn't mean that he can't show some love to folks who do follow those religions. It shows that he genuinely cares about all his fans and followers, and it is an excellent show of support to them regardless of what faith they follow.

Lalela Project

He graciously took time out from his busy touring schedule to visit students at the Lalela Project, a Cape Town-based organization that helps teach arts education to at-risk youth. Not only did he provide words of wisdom, he also comped the kids' tickets to a One Direction show!

World Water Day

Styles also understands the importance of giving to those who are in much less fortunate economic circumstances. Raising awareness of World Water Day is just one example of this.

Nepal Earthquake

In his most recent act of social awareness, the boy bander posted a link on his Twitter page so followers could donate funds to Nepali citizens who may be in need after the terrible earthquake that just hit. Since some of his fans may not be aware of ways they can help out, it's awesome that he provides easy access like this to spread the news. (But at this point, it's definitely not surprising!)