How Much Pizza Should You Order? Gawker's Pizza Calculator Will Make Sure You Never Run Out Of Pie At A Party

If you've ever hosted a party where the pizza ran out, you know how quickly a wacky, shenanigans-filled gathering can turn into a friendship-destroying, no-holds-barred battle to the death for the last slice. As you watch former friends try to kill each other with their eyes over the remains of the cheese pizza, you may have found yourself desperately wishing for a pizza calculator to tell you how many pizzas to order, because you're not sure Ryan and Elena's friendship can survive another party like the last one. Luckily the geniuses over at Gawker must have had similar experiences, because they have devised a way to make sure you never run out of deliciously cheesy goodness again. Using a carefully crafted formula (see? writers can do math!), the website has gifted us perhaps the most important pizza-related discovery since Pizza Hut rolled out the bacon, macaroni, and cheese pizza last week. It's an approximation, of course — the formula is based on the average eight-slice pizza and assumes everyone eats three slices. None of my friends have ever been known to stop at three slices, but it's entirely possible (actually, it's probable) that your friend group has more self-restraint than mine.

<img alt="pizza animated GIF " src="" class="article-body-image"/>But enough talk. I'll let Gawker tell you the magic formula:

X * 3/8 = PWhere X is the number of guests, and P is the number of pies you should order.

There you have it. Fractions aren't just for elementary school teachers. They do point out that not all pizza needs are the same; for thin crusts, the article suggests rounding P up to the nearest pie. For deep dish or "smaller appetites," (HAHA never) round down. If you don't feel like doing the math yourself, Gawker even has a handy calculator embedded in the article. So next time you're hosting a party, or any other gathering where pizza is required (i.e., all of them), you now have no excuse to run out of pies. Unless you eat one by yourself, of course, but that's totally understandable.

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