Marie Kondo's Shopping Advice Is Everything

Shopping can be one of the greatest pleasures and biggest stresses of life. Organizational guru Marie Kondo's shopping advice is simple and will definitely help you focus on the "pleasure" aspect, rather than the pain. Of course, finding clothes that fit both your personality and closet is fun, but there's that darn fitting room lighting and the sinking feeling when things don't fit — you know the deal. Perhaps we'd all do well to follow Kondo's sage advice.

Kondo has been famous for her tidying-up expertise for a while now, and you might already be familiar with her easy and positive tips for cleaning out your closets. But even if you know what Kondo thinks when it comes to cleaning, shopping is a whole different story. That's why a New Yorker editor went along with Kondo to comb the racks at Anthropologie (where else?) and wrote a story about it. Unsurprisingly, Anthro turned out to be the perfect setting for an informational shopping trip. We all have a lot to learn from this profile, people.

There are certainly more than a few interesting takeaways from the New Yorker account of the afternoon, but there are a few major lessons in particular we can learn from Kondo and her shopping habits.

1. "Buy Only What Sparks Joy"

This sees like common sense, but it's an easy one forget. How often have you bought something that was slightly too small or uncomfortable because "hey, I'll lose a couple pounds eventually," which brings me to Kondo's next great point...

2. Never Buy Clothes That Don't Fit

Kondo told the New Yorker, "I will only purchase what fits me," Kondo said. "If I want to lose weight, I do that first, and then go shopping."

3. Skip The Pants (Unless You Love 'Em)

A woman after my own heart, Kondo said that pants simply don't bring her joy, so she sticks to dresses these days. TEAM NO PANTS.

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