All-Female '21 Jump Street' May Be In The Works & If So, It Would Be Absolutely Amazing

Although Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make an amazing onscreen undercover team for the 21 Jump Street franchise, there may come a time in the near future when the guys are forced to make room for a pair of new recruits — of the female persuasion. Uproxx reports that, according to rumors, a female-led 21 Jump Street film might be in the works. Via some apparent insider information revealed on The Tracking Board, Sony has allegedly enlisted the help of Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs to pen a screenplay for a revamped version of the comedic action film, in which two female characters will run the show.

So, this is arguably the biggest news since the highly anticipated all-female Ghostbusters 3 reboot, right? Throwing some talented actresses into the mix would undoubtedly put an entirely new spin on previous Jump Street antics, like all of Hill and Tatum's macho grandstanding. Oh, and which rhythmically-inclined actress would be ballsy enough to take on the original duo's dancing moves? Surely, a response for these pressing questions will arrive soon enough — if and when the film is officially confirmed, that is.

I can't but wonder, though, will remaking old films to expand the number of female-led roles in Hollywood (as opposed to writing original, complex roles for women) become a trend? That question certainly isn't to suggest that the idea of a female-led 21 Jump Street film isn't absolutely awesome, because it is — and it's definitely not to suggest that it isn't necessary. Women everywhere (the film industry included) routinely receive second-class treatment in the form of blatant sexism and pay discrimination because of their gender, so a project like this would be amazing. After all, more female-led movies is never a bad thing. But, in the end, let's hope that these type of films eventually lead to more original roles written for women, because Hollywood is lacking in those too.

In the meantime, who else can't resist dancing a little jig at the idea of a female-led 21 Jump Street?

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