15 Dog-Loving Celeb Fashionistas

They say that dogs are a man's best friend, but these dog-loving celebrity female fashionistas would definitely beg to differ. There is nothing like the bond between a girl and your dog. I know that dogs and glamour don't necessarily go together all the time — they shed, they have accidents, they chew on your favorite handbags — but in the long run, owning a dog makes you a more beautiful person, inside and out! While the outfit you put on every day is an expression of who you are, your dog is more like a direct extension of yourself. This could be why your friends say that you look like your dog, even when you don’t (or think that you don't).

There are many reasons why a dog is a fashion girl’s best friend. They don’t judge you by your shoes — they just want to eat them. They don’t mind if you throw your clothes around your room while trying to figure out what to wear — they just want to lie on top of the pile and admire how soft your cashmere is. Dogs don’t think that your purse is too big, as long as there is room for them inside of it.

Here are 15 very stylish women who prove that our furry four-legged friends can make for the best fashion accessory, diamonds and Dior be damned!

1. Katy Perry & Butters

2. Lisa Vanderpump & Giggy

3. Kylie Jenner, Norman, & Bambi

4. Amanda Seyfried & Finn

5. Olivia Palermo & Mr. Butler

6. Katherine Heigl & Gertie

7. Miranda Kerr & Frankie

8. Candice Swanepoel, Milo, & Luna

9. Lauren Conrad, Chloe, & Fitz

10. Vanessa Hudgens & Darla

11. Hilary Duff & Beau

12. Blake Lively & Baxter

13. Lady Gaga & Tony

14. Emmy Rossum & Pepper

15. Chrissy Teigen & Her Bulldog Trio