Derick Dillard Sends His Love To Nepal

On Saturday, a massive earthquake hit Nepal resulting in the deaths of thousands. Many have been sending thoughts and prayers to the country, including 19 Kids and Counting's Derick Dillard who has a close connection to Nepal. On the Saturday of the earthquake, Dillard went straight to Twitter to showcase his love and prayers for the country that is facing so much devastation. He tweeted,

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Nepal, after the devastating earthquake that shook the country earlier today. Look to Jesus.

Soon after sharing such kind words and support, Dillard began posting information about the earthquake, in addition to links to sites where people can donate money for relief efforts. One particular organization Dillard and his wife, Jill Duggar, recommend is the Baptist Global Response.

For those unaware, Nepal holds a special place in Dillard's heart because it's where Dillard and Duggar first met face to face. After courting via phone and computer (they first met through Skype), the two finally came in contact while visiting Nepal, where Dillard spent two years building churches and doing missionary work.

"We talked a lot and started texting and emailing," Duggar told People. "And we Skyped a lot. I got to know some of his friends and family. And then, we met in person months later. I was in love with someone I had never met in person."

Duggar added, "I traveled over 36 hours to meet him and we had a film crew filming and jet lag so it is a different dynamic than most people have. But it was really special. We enjoyed the first several days getting to spend time together and getting to see things together."

So, it's pretty clear why Dillard would have such a strong connection to Nepal and would want to spread the word about donating. If you'd like more information about donating yourself, click here.

Images: TLC