What To Wear To The 'Avengers 3' Premiere #NerdFTW

There is palpable tension and excited anticipation in the air this week, as the S.H.I.E.L.D superheroes are set to assemble again for the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron, for an otherworldly battle against their new, metal alloy wielding foe. With the whole of humanity hanging in the balance, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton are once again preparing to save us from extinction. But are we ready? I mean, what will we wear to witness the Avengers take on the most nefarious supervillain of our time? Obviously, it will be necessary to pay homage to our favorite superhero with appropriately themed attire.

No doubt, there will be a plethora of publicly donned full-on superhero costumes come Friday — whether at the theatre or simply running errands — in a show of super fandom, which I completely respect. I absolutely can’t wait to see Captain America at Starbucks. Then, there will be those fans who rock the cute, kitschy cosplay outfits that have popped up in recent years, like the ones from Her Universe, which are particularly adorable.

However, there are also those among us who prefer to geek out on the inside, while keeping our Marvel obsession slightly more subdued on the outside. If you find yourself in the latter category, have no fear — I am here to save the day with everyday apparel that can easily be worn to pay superhero homage as we head to the theatre. I suppose you could say I am the fashion Avenger answering the call of duty, which should totally be a thing — Marvel, are you listening?

Whether you feel a kinship with brilliant playboy turned Ironman, Tony Stark, or model your fierceness after the Russian spy, affectionately known as the Black Widow, you can easily suit up like the Avenger you most adore. Let’s prepare to assemble.

Captain America

You love Steve Rogers (who doesn't?) and there is nothing Steve Rogers loves more than America. Quite possibly the most dedicated patriot to ever serve, nobody dons the stars and stripes with more pride and honor than Cap. Best to get all sorts of patriotic on this outfit then — red, white, and boom.

Vintage American Flag Infinity Scarf, $29,

Scoop Neck Slub Knit Tee, $6,

Broken-in Straight Khakis, $34,

Chuck Taylor Stars and Bars, $60,


The minute Tony Stark suits up, it is all metallic, all the time. His flashy high-powered armor is instantly recognizable — both over the top and ingenious just like the brilliant engineer himself. If you too possess genius level intellect, create your own suit of armor with red and gold metallic from top to bottom.

Beige Gold Turban Headband, $13,

Rock and Republic Glitter Tee, $15,

Textured Metallic Shorts, $23,

Superga 2750 Lamew- Red, $73,


Everyone has a signature color, right? Whether he always likes it or not, green is Bruce Banner's identifying hue and with a tee of the same color, paired with purple shorts circa the humanoid's comic book attire, no one will confuse where your loyalty lies.

Woven Scarf, $7,

Stem Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Tee in Green Amazon, $28,

4" Chino Short in Aubergine, $45,

Flat Leather Sandal, $80,


The god of thunder has a certain electricity about him, doesn't he? OK, bad joke, but Thor is known for putting the hammer down, quite literally, making both sparks and himself fly. Suit up to fight for the universe in a metallic sweater, leather pants and, most importantly, your version of a winged helmet — ear cuffs. Also, never leave Asgard without your cape (a scarf will do for a mortal).

Phoenix Wing Ear Cuff, $32,

Dark Red Chiffon Scarf, $12,

Sisley Knitted Sweater in Pewter, $67,

Blank NYC Slap Happy Vegan Leather Pants, $76,

Jeffrey Campbell Everly Cutout Boot, $188,


Clint Barton may rock no frills battle attire, but that is because his true power lies in his arrows. If you're looking to join forces with "The World's Greatest Marksman," all you need is head to toe black (sans the sleeves, obviously), a pop of purple, and an arrow of your own.

On The Mark Necklace, $49,

Jersey Tank Top in Dark Purple, $10,

Alice & UO Sleeveless Blazer, $60,

Women Leggings Pants in Black, $30,

Dr. Martens Aimlita, $150,

Black Widow

Saving the best for last — because girl power, obviously — Natasha Romanoff doesn’t do fluff. While most of the male superheroes require a full war suit, all you need to pay homage to this bad ass lady is a power jumpsuit, black boots, and faux ammunition at the ready on your wrists — we’ll leave the real bullets to the Russian.

Never Fully Dressed Deep Plunge Neck Jumpsuit with Wrap Front, $81,

22 Bullet Bracelet, $28,

Silence + Noise Half Stacked Heeled Ankle Boot, $79,

Choose wisely super fans — the fate of humanity hangs in the balance and the Avengers need all the allies they can get!

Images: Marvel; Courtesy Brands