Isabel Marant Has The Best Recipe For Revenge

A fashionable makeover (and a fat bank account) is the best revenge, and no one knows that better than Isabel Marant. Isabel Marant said she was an insecure teenager, describing herself as a bit of an ugly duckling during her childhood. As we can all see, that's long gone now. The talented and popular fashion designer sat down with the New York Post to discuss her rise to fashion fame and what advice she has for us.

Marant, 48, is the brilliant mind behind trends like the wedge-heel sneaker circa 2012. But while she may have started one of the biggest fashion trends, when it comes to her own style, the designer is more concerned with longevity over everything else in her closet.

“I always prefer to spend a lot of money on the right piece than own many things of not-good quality,” she said. “That’s something people are maybe going to realize: You don’t need to buy things all the time. It’s more about buying the right things.”

We couldn't agree more. Marant established her Parisian-boho-meets-classic-girl-chic namesake label in 1994 and today, celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and even Beyonce are all fans. But things weren't always so easy — Marant confesses to being a bit of an ugly duckling in her earlier years.

“I had buck teeth and really big hair, and everyone would say to my brother, ‘Oh, she’s so cute’ — he was so cute that he looked like a girl,” Marant said, according to the New York Post. “And here I was, like the big, grumpy [girl]...I think I had a kind of revenge to take, and that came out through garments.”

By now, hopefully we've all learned our lesson about making fun of the outsider: the outcasts have a way of making big, big comebacks later on in life.