Bethenny Is Making Enemies On 'RHONY'

by Laura Rosenfeld

Not receiving an invitation to some fabulous soiree has caused many a Real Housewives rift. We started off Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New York City with some drama when Bethenny Frankel invited Sonja Morgan over for brunch and not her host Ramona Singer. And now the recently returned Housewife has failed to invite a couple of her cast mates to her birthday dinner, making Heather Thomson an enemy of Bethenny.

Bethenny threw together a quick and dirty birthday party, which in Real Housewives language translates into a swanky dinner party with a private room at a fancy restaurant with about 30 of your closest friends. I mean, Bethenny did wear a black jumpsuit with a top decked out in gold to the bash, so, you know, it was altogether pretty casual.

You would think Bethenny would have learned a thing or two from her cast mate Luann de Lesseps by now. Doesn't she know that if you don't invite everyone in a social group, you're not only being rude, but it almost always comes back to bite you?

That's exactly what happened to Bethenny in Tuesday night's episode. Because her birthday dinner was so casual, she "forgot" to invite Kristen Taekman and Dorinda Medley, the only Housewives not invited to the shindig. Of course, word got back to Kristen via Heather Thomson. I like Heather a lot, but girl is always trying to unnecessarily start something between other Housewives. No holla.

Kristen was kind of bummed, but this wasn't a Ramona snub, so she kind of brushed it off. Her housekeeper is also the best because she repeatedly said "Who cares?" in response to Kristen queries about whether she should be pissed or not. You were the MVP of the episode, Kristen's housekeeper. Mazel!

Unfortunately for the Housewives but fortunately for us, the conflict didn't end there. Heather brought this up to Bethenny while out to dinner with Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley in tow. You knew it was all going to be downhill from the second Heather opened the conversation by asking Bethenny if she could call her "Beth." Unless you're calling her Skinny Girl, it's just Bethenny. K, thanks.

It only got worse when Heather told Bethenny that Kristen was hurt that she wasn't invited to her birthday dinner. Bethenny at first pretended to fall asleep due to the boredom of the conversation and then said it was "completely ridiculous," both of which would be completely heartless for anyone to do, but you kind of expect it from Bethenny at this point. After you've seen enough of Bethenny on TV, you start to realize that while her toughness, strength, and biting wit are admirable and entertaining, they also make her quite a cruel and inconsiderate person, at least of what we see of her on TV.

Heather the messenger also got shot when Bethenny told her that she was basically Carole's plus one for the party. On the bright side, Bethenny also gave Heather that gangsta rapper name she's always wanted: P-One.

Bethenny and Heather seem to have very similar personalities. They're both successful entrepreneurs. They both have quick wits. They're both really real. However, I think that's not going to cause their friendship to grow but instigate many more clashes between the two this season. Holla to that.

Images: Mathieu Young/Bravo; realitytvgifs, perezhilton/Tumblr