6 Reasons Why Heather Should Return to 'RHONY'

by Kayla Hawkins

Over the course of her two seasons on the Bravo reality series, Heather Thomson has become the Real Housewife of New York -next-door. She's the one who least likely to throw wine on your Burberry shift dress and will absolutely defend you when some crazy costar accuses you of stealing her Birkin. You want Heather in your corner when things start getting crazy. Right now she's fighting the good fight against the combined delusions of Ramona, Sonja, and Aviva on the RHONY reunion. And she singlehandedly shut down Image Consultant Amanda, who subsequently ran away from the show and her hopes of becoming famous forever.

Heather is an actual businesswoman. Her resume is backed up by accolades and awards as well as cold hard facts. She may namedrop Diddy a lot, but that's because his fashion line, Sean John, did record menswear numbers in part because of her hard work. She doesn't really have street cred ("holla?"), but she totally has serious businesswoman cred.

While after such a long and exhausting Season 6 Heather might be doubting returning for 7, being on Housewives is good for a brand. Heather's own good friend Carole Radziwill has seen her book sales skyrocket after appearing on the show. Maybe I'm just a sucker because I think those two ladies are the epitome of New York sophistication (smart, funny, a little dirty), but if you're going to cut from the current cast, go straight for Aviva Drescher instead. Heather has a solid half dozen reasons why she should stick around for one more year.

She Can Promote Yummie

Heather is the owner of a Spanx-esque brand of shapewear called "Yummie By Heather Thomson." Shooting the Housewives has given her a platform to promote her brand, setting it apart from other, similar products. Heather's no Josh Taekman — she knows a good business opportunity when she sees one, and Housewives gives her time where she doesn't have to be in the office but can still ultimately reach millions.

She Can Indulge Her Favorite Hobbies

As the ladies said on the reunion — Heather's good at everything. She's a devoted tomboy who runs Spartan races even when the cameras aren't taping, an athlete who rock climbs, works out, and hikes through nature. The show gives her the chance to try weird, new hobbies like ax-tossing.

She Can Show Off Her Marriage

It's not easy to have a successful marriage. With all of the turmoil from running a business and their son's ongoing health problems, it would have made sense if Heather and John were often strained. But they've been able to show that with enough work and consideration, it's possible to take care of a family, work hard, and still make time to give weirdly specific anniversary gifts that make one another smile.

She Can Raise Awareness for Son Jax

Heather's son, Jax, has had a myriad of health issues from birth. But instead of letting that pull apart their family, Heather and John jumped to action. They've both become philanthropists devoted to the organ donation cause that saved their son, and Heather is also an ambassador for Lyme disease. The show is a platform to host events and raise money for the cause.

She Can't Leave Carole!

We've already discussed why Carole needs to come back to the show next year. Her low-key energy is essential, or all of these women will just get louder and louder until the show is just one unrelenting migraine (see: Real Housewives of New Jersey). But without Heather to provide the muscle, Carole will just be shouted down. They're a package deal.

"A True New Yorker Never Backs Down"

Put your money where your tagline is, Heather, and sign on for Season 7.

Images: Heather Thomson/Instagram (5); Giphy