Schmidt & Fawn Break Up On 'New Girl,' So What Does This Mean For Team Schmece?

Those of you who have become strong Fawn and Schmidt supporters throughout this season (or as they were just recently dubbed "Team FawMidt"), probably found yourselves highly disappointed with Tuesday night's New Girl episode "Panty Gate." Why, you may ask? Because it resulted in a break up between Schmidt and Fawn after the latter proposed marriage in what has to be considered the least romantic way possible. Seriously, it was more of a business strategy than anything else.

In the aftermath of Fawn literally baring all to the cameras during her recent golf tournament, she decided that the best way to save face with the public would be to trick Schmidt into taking the blame. She had him admit in a press statement that he'd been the one who told her not to wear underpants that day because it turns him on. And while at first Schmidt seemed to be OK with this strategical lie, Fawn's ludicrous proposal was enough to knock some much-needed sense into our lovable loftmate.

At the end of the day, he realized that they were just kidding themselves. He doesn't want fame or the chance to be a power couple. He just wants to be in love. Crazy in love. Drunk in love. Basically, any way Beyonce feels like describing love, is all Schmidt wants out of life. And their relationship just didn't qualify. So they called it quits right then and there in the lingerie department. (Hey, it happens.)

But it's like the saying goes… when one 'ship closes, another one opens. With Schmidt now officially back on the market, it's only a matter of time before he and Cece reignite their long-awaited romance once more. But while Max Greenfield himself has hinted to me that a Schmidt and Cece reunion is in the works, I can't help but get slightly nervous about how all of this is going to work out. Cece just announced her plans to climb a mountain as a way to help her get over Schmidt and find her inner self. Will she leave before hearing about the break up? And even if she does hear about it, is it too late?

My guess is that the writers wouldn't be that cruel. But rest assured it's probably going to take a little help from Jess "The Love Doctor" in order to get this dynamic duo back on track and into each other's arms where they belong. But no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is, I know that seeing these two together again will be well worth the wait. Sorry Team FawMidt. But Team Schmece will win every time.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; ceceschmidt/Tumblr