'New Girl' Spoilers: Schmidt & Cece May Reunite In The Finale, Per A Tease From Max Greenfield

Behind almost every great sitcom, there's an even greater couple that makes you fall in love with the series over and over again. And in the case of New Girl, that duo has always been Schmidt and Cece. At least for me, anyway. Yes, as much as I enjoyed seeing Nick and Jess pair up, there's just always been something about Schmidt and Cece's dynamic that's made me root for their continued romantic success. And it seems all of that patience is going to finally reap some serious rewards. All season long, fans have waited with baited breath to see if Schmidt and Cece will get back together, and according to a recent chat I had with Max Greenfield, who plays New Girl 's lovable loft mate, that's exactly the kind of hopeful outcome we can expect for the end of Season 4.

"We have this big moment at the end of Season 4, which I’ve been waiting for and a lot of people have been waiting for," Greenfield tells Bustle, adding that it "changes up a lot of how Schmidt will proceed in Season 5." So what exactly could this big moment be? Well, considering that Cece has been harboring some very deep feelings for Schmidt all season, I'd say it's finally time to see all of that come bubbling to the surface. And while the actor remained tight lipped on specifics, when asked if fans should remain hopeful for some sort of reconciliation between these two, he responded with two glorious words: "Very hopeful." (Excuse me while I spiral into a fit of girlish squeals.)

Seriously, though, this is exactly the kind of refreshing direction this ex-couple should be heading in, especially in light of the major hit their relationship took back in Season 3. I mean, even before Greenfield's little helpful teasers, I was suspicious that the writers had something like this up their sleeve. These characters have shared some very sentimental moments with each other this year and have clearly grown from the people they once were. (Sorry, Fawn, but Schmidt has already found the love of his life who loves him — quirks and all.)

However, dishing New Girl spoilers isn't the only thing Greenfield has been up to these days. The actor has also been busy teaming up with the real estate site Trulia, which provides renters and buyers with the perfect tools to organize their home search needs. Because when it comes to organization and order, no one's a better expert than Schmidt.

(Also, if you have yet to see any of the "Max at Home" videos, please do so immediately. They are hilarious.) Basically, he's pretty much the best New Girl character out there, and now that we know what the rest of the season has it store for him, I, personally, can't wait to see how it all comes to fruition in that very Schmidt-like way.

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