Justin Bieber Chopped All His Hair Off, And Debuted His New 'Do In A Hilarious Way

Justin Bieber has been teasing a new haircut on social media for weeks now, and the results are in. As it turns out, Justin Bieber chopped all his hair off, debuting a much more clean cut, elegant hairdo. Could this be a glimpse at the new and improved Biebs that he promised to the world? I sure hope so, but no matter what, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

JB first posted a photo to Instagram of his blonde locks with the caption "this is gone" about a week ago, and has since been spotted out and about rocking a towel on top of his head, E! Online reports. It seems like Kim Kardashian and her beanie could take a few cues from Biebs when it comes to effectively hiding a new 'do from the paparazzi!

We finally know what the singer has been hiding under that oddly large towel, and it's completely not what you would expect. Nine Zero One Salon, the hair salon responsible for Bieber's transformation, also posted a photo teasing the cut. The picture showed a whole bunch of chopped off blonde hair resting on the floor, according to Popcrush.com. It's a pretty shocking site, actually.

Here are the teaser photos.

The big reveal of the haircut came about in a pretty hilarious way. In a video posted to Scooter Braun's Instagram, Bieber's manager, the two reenact a scene from the Lion King, the one where Simba is first presented to the animal kingdom. This is something you have to see to believe.

Clearly they had a lot of fun with this, and the pop star continued to have fun of driving Beliebers crazy. He posted another photo of a stare down contest with Derek Zoolander in which he sports yet another new hairstyle. Before you get completely confused, Bieber reassured us that it's just a wig.

I guess he really is a prankster at heart, but hopefully he really has done a bit of maturing.