These Cows Released To Pasture After A Long Winter Are Basically All Of Us Greeting Spring — VIDEO

This year winter was so freaking long that the second it got above 60 degrees I basically needed to dunk myself in some calm down sauce so I wouldn't run outside naked. ("Calm down sauce" is Nutella, to be clear.) But you know what? No. I don't even want to talk about winter anymore. It's like an ex I need to move on from, and not a moment too soon, because I'm ready to party as hard as these cows released to pasture after a long winter. They're basically throwing a dairy-themed rager and we should all be in awe of their party power.

In fact, after watching this video, I've decided every shindig I've ever attended could have been vastly improved by happy cows. Awkward dance floor problems? NOT ANYMORE. Happy cow DJs busting rhythms for happy cow dancers would know how to get a wedding reception going almost as efficiently as the booze everyone is shoving down their gullet. Also, free milk if you know what you're doing, which obviously everybody needs on their wedding day. Win-WIN.

Seriously, though, these cows are All Of Us. Over the last few months we all forgot what it felt like to be a living organism, and although my street dance wasn't nearly as impressive as these cows gallumphing about, I'd like to say that we shared the same triumph.

As for the video—I'll try and roughly translate what they're saying here for all of our benefit, but full disclosure, I didn't take Cow in college. Here's a rough approximation:



"Yaassss, ground, yaasssss."


"Derpity derpity derp."






Oh, I didn't even mention the ~best part~, which by far is the U2 blaring in the background as the soundtrack to their pasture romp. Enjoy these cows while you still can, guys. Only nine more months 'til winter.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(5)