9 Tom Hiddleston Movies Described In Emojis — Can You Guess Which One Is Which?

One of the perks of loving Tom Hiddleston is that he has a very diverse movie catalogue. He's appeared in dramas, action flicks, indie projects, blockbuster hits, and more — and each of his films are very different from one another. So, I decided to challenge my fellow Hiddlestoners by asking you all to guess which movie of his is which. Only there's a catch: the Tom Hiddleston movies are described only in emojis. How well versed are you in the emoji language? Do you know the plots of his films well enough to tell what they are based only on the pictures? It's a tricky task.

But, don't worry, this isn't a one-sided challenge. I want you to be able to guess them so I tried really hard to describe the plots with accurate emojis. It was definitely tough. After all, there's no official Tom Hiddleston emojis or anything (but, just saying... there totally should be.) So, can you tell Thor apart from its sequel? Which emoji did I use to show Loki when there is sadly no Loki emoji? There's only one way to find out.

Below are nine of his more recognizable movies described in emoji-form. I wish you the best of luck!

Movie #1

A family vacations on a British isle where they experience a range of emotions from sadness to anger to being sorry. In the end the siblings make up.

Movie #2

Two brother taunt some frost giants until they have a fight. One brother gets sent to Earth and while the other finds out he's adopted and never going to get the throne. He turns evil and eventually he and his brother (and his magic hammer) fight — until the former brother falls off the bifrost and dies. (Or does he?)

Movie #3

Another early Hiddleston role, he plays a legendary writer in this film set in France.

Movie #4

A boy meets a horse and is happy until the army takes him away. Then the horse is involved in a battle and his owner dies. The horse escapes and later saves the country.

Movie #5

This is a sequel to one of the movies listed above, if that's a good hint.

Movie #6

A man who loves blood and music tried to commit suicide. His lady friend isn't having it. They enjoy music and blood together. There's no vampire emoji so you'll have to settle for that fanged cat emoji.

Movie #7

Another sequel to a movie listed above!

Movie #8

A doctor moves into a tall building. Lots of fighting commences, and the occupants separate themselves into groups according to the floor they live on. Chaos erupts.

Movie #9

A man sings and plays guitar. There's no cowboy hat emoji, so settle for a guitar and a blonde man.


1) It's one of Hiddleston's first films Archipelago.

2) This one is Hiddleston's very first superhero movie Thor.

3) Midnight In Paris!

4) It's War Horse! Though it only stars Hiddleston as Captain Nicholls for about 15 minutes of the lengthy run time, it's worth the watch.

5) Hiddleston reprised his role as Loki in Avengers, which is about Loki going to earth in search of the tesseract.

6) I was trying to illustrate Only Lovers Left Alive here, which was definitely tricky!

7) It's the superhero sequel Thor: The Dark World!

8) This is High-Rise, due out later this year.

9) This is the Hank Williams biopic, I Saw the Light.

So, how'd you do? Or more importantly, how did I do? Emojis are a tricky game, so I hope that you were able to guess correctly. Thanks for playing!

Images: Martha Sorren (9)/Bustle; bambistark/Tumblr